What Not to Eat When Pregnant

Understanding pregnancy nutrition is important and varies for each pregnant person. Generally, it is important to avoid certain foods that can harm the mother and the developing fetus when pregnant. Some foods that should be avoided include raw or undercooked meats, fish with high levels of mercury, such as swordfish and tilefish, unpasteurized dairy products, and raw or undercooked eggs. These foods can contain harmful bacteria or viruses that can cause food poisoning, which can lead to severe complications for the mother and the baby.

It is also essential to limit your intake of certain types of fish, such as tuna, which can contain high levels of mercury. Additionally, pregnant women should avoid consuming alcohol and caffeine as they can both have adverse effects on the developing fetus. Certain types of deli meats and hot dogs should also be avoided, as they can contain harmful bacteria that can cause food-borne illnesses. Talking with a healthcare provider before making any drastic changes to your diet during pregnancy is important.

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