When building a baby registry, it’s natural to prioritize baby products. And rightfully so! Once you’ve researched all your baby products essentials and added them to your Poppylist baby registry, it’s time to start thinking about you and how you can make your recovery and family more efficient.

As a mom of two, I often think about ways to maximize my time and reduce time on things that feel like a burden. Let’s take cooking, for example. After a long day working and taking care of my family, the last thing I want to do is prepare a meal for everyone. Insert a crockpot. It’s a life (and time) saver on days when you’re not feeling it. And trust me, you will have more than a few of them!

Is it selfish to add products to my baby registry that aren’t for the baby?

Simply put, no. It’s wise to add products to your baby registry to support you, your home, and your growing family. You will have people who prefer to support your postpartum recovery or other tangible ways vs. buying a onesie, and this is one way you can direct them to help you. Remember, when your baby is born, the parents become new people, too, and this baby registry should reflect the parent as much as it does the baby. If anything deserves it, you do.

Do other Poppylist parents add items for themselves?

Yes. Our registrants add personal and home goods products to their baby registry, which we encourage every expecting parent to do. Like we've said, it's OK to consider yourself as much as the baby! The new parent cannot be neglected during this transition, and some fantastic products and services were designed to support you. We're making it part of our mission to help you prepare for every aspect of parenthood, not just a cute nursery.

Top 14 Non-Traditional Baby Registry Essentials

The Best Baby Registry Item to Balance Hormones: Ritual Protein Powder

baby registry essential protein powder

Did you know protein is vital for tissue & joint repair, hormone health, and breastmilk production? This is especially true in the months following birth; you essentially just ran a marathon without getting any proper recovery time (hello, newborn sleep!). Aim to plate a palm-size amount of protein at every meal and include protein-heavy snacks in-between (e.g., HB eggs, cheese, yogurt, jerky, hummus). Or, add Ritual Protein Powder to your morning hot beverage or mixed into oatmeal.

The Best Baby Registry Item for Parents Who Stay Prepared: Judy, The Mover Max

baby registry essential emergency kit

The Mover Max is a puncture and waterproof bag with reinforced padded support and cushioned adjustable straps. The Mover Max was created by #1 preparedness experts, and is organized into 3 cartridges for easy access during an emergency. The supplies inside this bag contain water, food, safety items, warming products, survival tool, and first aid. As a parent, we're hyper-vigilant when it comes to safety. This bag will give you confidence knowing you have everything you need already organized in one bag in any emergency.

The Best Registry Item for Busy Weeknights: Hamilton Beach Crockpot

baby registry essential crockpot

A crockpot, really? A crockpot, REALLY! When you've had a busy week, the last thing parents, especially parents of multiples, have time to think about is a gourmet dinner. We love a good crockpot for the option to "set and forget" your weeknight meal. This will save you precious time when you don't already have much, and you'll be thankful for a kitchen helper when you've run out of ideas on what to cook.

The Best Baby Registry Item for Car Organization: Multi-Compartment Trunk Organizer

baby registry essential trunk organizer

I can't stress this enough— where in your life can you make things a little easier and more organized to save yourself some sanity? One area that you can tackle right away is your car. Second to your home, it's easy to get trashed and unorganized. But this multi-compartment organizer can help you keep everything you need in one place. If you have a car with captain's chairs, it fits perfectly in between the seats. Here's what we keep in ours: An extra set of clothes for both kids, a first aid kit, water bottles, cleaning supplies (wipes, hand sanitizer, Clorox pen, etc.), some baby books, an umbrella, a blanket, a carrier for the baby, and diaper supplies. Pro Tip: Stock it once a week to give you peace of mind whenever you leave the house.

The Best Baby Registry Item to Buy What’s Leftover: Secondary Market Gift Card, Rebelstork

baby registry essential rebelstork gift card

REBELSTORK is the first North American Baby Gear Marketplace created for a new generation of socially and fiscally responsible parents. REBELSTORK drops top deals on open box, overstock, and used baby gear daily. We love this option because you can use this gift card to purchase any remaining itemoff your Poppylist baby registry. In addition, it's likely you'll identify something new you didn't know you needed once your baby arrives, and this gift card will help ensure you can purchase exactly what you need at a fraction of the cost.

Add REBELSTORK gift card to your Poppylist baby registry.

The Best Baby Registry Item for Unpredictable Weather: Repel Small Umbrella

baby registry essential umbrella

It's better to be safe than sorry, and when you're on the go, it's a good feeling to know you're prepared for just about anything. We love the small dimensions yet strong durability of this umbrella. It's small enough to fit into any diaper bag backpack, and tough enough to stand up to wind and rain. Add this umbrella to your Poppylist baby registry and don't let a little bad weather deter you from leaving the house!

The Best Baby Registry Item for Parents who Enjoy Podcasts: Apple Airpods

baby registry essential air pods

While we love cute tiny hands, we don't love their ability to grab everything, including cords on our headphones! We love thinking through all areas of our life as parents and giving your product recommendations to help, even if that includes something as simple as headphones. So if you haven't made the switch to wireless, you're going to love this upgrade.

The Baby Baby Registry Item for Parents on the Go: Anker Slim Portable Charger

baby registry essential cell phone charger

As parents, we're constantly on our phones. We're checking social media apps, watching the baby monitor, tracking steps, texting a friend, etc. And is there a more 'oh shit' moment when you're out with your kids, and suddenly your cell phone is on 8%? We love this slim portable charger to ensure you always have enough battery life. If you already have one at home, this is a reminder that it's a diaper bag essential for mom and dad!

Best Baby Registry Item for a Household Subscription: Branch Basics Cleaning Products

baby registry essential cleaning products

We can save you several trips to Target with this one Poppylist baby registry item; a subscription to branch basics! You can set the frequency you want your household cleaners to arrive, and you'll never be without countertop wipes or bathroom cleaners again. Having someone purchase something off your registry that automates household tasks and helps remove one "to-do" from the mom's mental load is the perfect gift. We guarantee you'll have a gift giver who'd love to buy this off your Poppylist baby registry!

The Best Baby Registry Item to Keep Mom Hydrated: LMNT Hydration Packets

baby registry essential LMNT hydration packets

When I was nursing my second daughter, I always felt dehydrated and tired.; until I started adding LMNT packets to my water. Listen, there is no way around feeling sleep deprived as a new parent, but we don't have to feel completely depleted. I'd drink one of these packets every morning, and I swear it brought me back to life. According to the FDA recommendation for salt, it is <2.3g daily. But according to extensive scientific research conducted by LMNT, the optimal range of salt intake is 5-7g daily. Do yourself a favor, commit an act of self-care and join the salty rebellion with LMNT electrolyte packets.

The Best Baby Registry Item to Recover Better: Ruth Health Gift Card

baby registry essential ruth health gift card

Pregnancy is unpredictable, and our bodies are forever altered after each birth. With a gift card to Ruth Health, you can get back on track to healing quicker and better. Ruth Health provides pelvic floor training and recovery, lactation support, and c-section recovery. "For too long, we've normalized women's healthcare that doesn't fully address our needs or enhance our lives," says the team at Ruth Health. And they're right! They offer personalized, expert support to make you an active participant in your care and recovery. You can also take advantage of their services from the comfort of your home. In the future, we hope it becomes standard that every woman prioritizes postpartum healing and adds products to support their journey on their baby registry— and it's something we will advocate for among every birthing person.

Best Baby Registry Item for Freezer Storage: 4 Ounce Mason Jars

baby registry essential mason jars

We love the versatility of mason jars for your baby registry. You can freeze the perfect quantities of breastmilk, store pureed foods, and use these for sensory play when the baby is older. We recommend adding 4 oz. or 6 oz. jars to your baby registry— who doesn't love something as practical as this?

Add mason jars to your Poppylist baby registry.

Best Baby Registry Item that Makes Laundry Semi Enjoyable: Dropps Detergent

baby registry essential detergent

The dreaded six-letter word for every parent— laundry. With Dropps, it doesn't have to suck. Dropps harness nature's power to make convenient products that actually clean tough stains (it gets spaghetti out, we've tried!). By using Dropps, you are helping turn the tide against toxic pollution, plastic waste, the dirt in your home, and the germs from daycare. This laundry detergent is a win-win for everyone.

Add Dropps to your Poppylist baby registry.

Thinking Outside the Box for your Baby Registry

We will say it until we're blue in the face. Your baby registry deserves to reflect you, the new parent, just as much as the new baby. Parenting is hard. It requires more time, energy, willpower, and love than anything else. You deserve and need items that give you peace of mind, can help with some mental loads, and allow for efficiency where you can.

You got this.