Your baby registry deserves a pregnancy glow, too.

Finally- a baby registry that simplifies the journey to parenthood by helping you make decisions around which products feel right for your family.

Product Catalog

Parent-vetted recommendations to give you a place to start.

Unlike other registries, we don’t allow brands to pay to be featured on Poppylist. All items in our catalog are curated based on what has worked for real parents. So this means less time researching, and a big boost to your new-parent confidence. 

Universal Baby Registry

The internet is your oyster! Add any product from any online store.

Your registry should be a reflection of you and your family! With our universal registry, you can add any item or gift card from anywhere online (*ahem* - postpartum massage, anyone?).

Discover what makes us different and why so many families trust Poppylist to help them prepare for parenthood.

You choose when you get your gifts

We call this "delayed delivery." Meaning you're in charge of when your product ships and arrives. Don't want to store that high chair for six months? We get it! We'll ship it out when you're ready, and you can keep the closet space open for other stuff.

You can exchange a gift before it's shipped

People (especially new parents) should be allowed to change their minds! Even if a gift giver purchases an item off your registry, you can deposit the value of the gift into your Poppylist bank. No re-packing up a box, no trips to the UPS store, and guess what? We won't even tell the gift giver you exchanged it.

You can make withdrawals from your Poppylist bank

When you're ready to receive the funds you've deposited inside your Poppylist bank, you can make one or multiple withdrawals from your Poppylist bank. You can withdraw the funds for an Amazon, Target, or US Visa gift card.

You will never receive a duplicate gift

You know how on some baby registry platforms, the gift giver has to leave the registry to purchase an item? Then they have to return to the registry to mark the gift as purchased (which many forget to do). This can cause a ton of confusion for both the gift giver and the recipient. Since the entire purchasing experience takes place on Poppylist, you will never end up with two of the same thing (can you imagine winding up with an extra crib??)

You can easily make a return

Poppylist is built to allow you to make changes— and change your mind. If you receive a gift and decide you don't like it or it just doesn't work for you, you can return it easily. Once we've fulfilled your gift(s), Poppylist uploads the order number directly into your registry so you never have to search emails to find it.

We provide the easiest experience for gift-givers

ALL of the gift viewing and purchasing experience happens directly within Poppylist. That means no leaving to view products on different websites and no purchases on another platform. Everything is done directly within our site. It's so easy, even your Nana can figure it out (no offense, Nana)!

You get more of what you actually need

Because we've designed the most simple shopping experience for your generous gift givers, we see registries with 100% completion rates. We've removed every barrier for people, meaning you'll get more of the things you actually need.

You can add any product or resource from any online store

Poppylist has a universal registry, meaning you can add any product or resource from any site to your Poppylist registry. Just copy the URL from the website you're on, and paste it into the registry builder. It's as easy as that!

Brands don't build Poppylist— parents do

Our product catalog is the only baby product list curated by real recommendations from real parents. Brands cannot "pay to play" on Poppylist, meaning we only feature products and resources that a mom or dad has recommended. If we can't verify that it's helped someone, we won't recommend it to you.

We know parenthood because we're living it

Poppylist Founders Sarah and Tamiz aren't just two random people with an idea— they're parents, just like you. Sarah has a 4 and a 1 year old, and Tamiz has a 2 year old and a second baby on the way. They're building you the tools and resources they wish they had. And you can trust them because they're in the midst of the very life you're preparing for.

Preparation is more than just purchases.

We built what we wish we had

Poppylist is the only baby registry company founded and led by a mom and a dad, better representing parents everywhere.

So much more than a registry.

When you join Poppylist, you join an extended family. One that helps you stay up to date with the latest news, keeps you safe with product recalls, and keeps you aware with announcements, articles, and exclusive promotions.

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