Update on buybuy BABY's Baby Registry Partnership

Following buybuy BABY's bankruptcy announcement, the company has partnered with MyRegistry to ensure that expecting parents can continue their registry experience with minimal disruption. MyRegistry, a universal registry platform, has stepped in to provide a transition for buybuy BABY registrants.

Benefits of the MyRegistry Partnership:

By partnering with the registry tool MyRegistry, buybuy BABY registrants can take advantage of the platform's unique features. Although MyRegistry is not a specific registry company for parents, it allows you to add items from multiple retailers, making it a universal registry experience. You can also enjoy the convenience of a single gift list, even if you've registered with other retailers. Similar to Poppylist, MyRegistry offers a "Cash Gift Fund" feature, allowing your friends and family to contribute money towards larger purchases or future expenses.

buybuy Baby Registry Powered by MyRegistry vs. Poppylist. Who do I choose?

When it comes to choosing between the buybuy BABY Registry powered by MyRegistry and Poppylist, it's essential to consider your specific needs and preferences. While MyRegistry offers a universal registry experience and the ability to add items from multiple retailers, Poppylist provides unique features that set it apart.

With Poppylist, you have the flexibility to decide when your gifts are delivered, ensuring that you receive items as you need them. Additionally, Poppylist allows you to exchange any gift before it ships, giving you the option to deposit the gift's value into your Poppylist account and redeem it for a Target, Amazon, or US Visa gift card instead. This level of control and convenience can be particularly appealing for expecting parents who value flexibility and the ability to adapt their registry as their needs change.

Ultimately, the choice between the two platforms depends on your individual priorities and which features best align with your baby registry goals.

So, which one will your try? We hope it's Poppylist, and you can start today.

Original Article Published on August 1, 2023

If you're one of the thousands of expecting parents with a buybuy BABY registry, fear not. We're here to help you navigate the complexities of their bankruptcy and help you understand what this means for you while better understanding what steps you can take to ensure you're still prepared for parenthood. Here's everything you need to know about buybuy BABY going out of business.

To catch you up to speed, buybuy BABY's parent company, Bed Bath & Beyond Inc., filed voluntary chapter 11 petitions, citing the press release from Cision distribution by PR Newswire. Customers and parents-to-be received an email Sunday telling them that stores have begun winding down operations.

What happens if I have a buybuy BABY registry?

According to the FAQ page on the company's website, buybuy BABY says your baby registry data is safe. However, you can no longer buy registry items, but you can still see your registry. The company says it plans to partner with "an alternative platform" so you can transfer your data to complete your registry. But until that information is available, now is an excellent time to move any remaining items to another baby registry site, and Poppylist is here to support you in making a seamless transition.

The good news? If your friends or family purchased items online in the last few days, buybuy BABY will still fulfill and deliver all in-stock orders.

The bad news? It's unclear what they'll do if an item was purchased and is out of stock. Additionally, customers are still waiting to learn more about what to do with an unused registry completion discount. Still, your best bet is to redeem that coupon and any others before April 26.

How can I transfer my buybuy BABY registry?

If you have a buybuy BABY registry, we would be honored to help you transfer your existing baby registry for free to Poppylist. Please email us the following information, and we will begin your transfer right away: 

  • First and last name
  • Due date
  • Email address
  • Link to your BBB registry

Are all buybuy BABY stores closing?

Yes. On Sunday, April 23, Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. announced that it would soon shutter its 360 Bed Bath & Beyond stores and 120 buybuy BABY locations. A liquidation sale will start at all locations on Wednesday, April 26, and run for as long as the inventory lasts.

The company expects to process returns and exchanges until May 24 for any items purchased before April 23. All stores will close by June 30, according to the bankruptcy paperwork.

What does Chapter 11 bankruptcy mean?

Chapter 11 bankruptcy is a type of bankruptcy that allows a business to reorganize its debts and operations while continuing to operate. In other words, the company remains in control and continues to operate while it works to restructure its finances.

Under Chapter 11 bankruptcy, the business typically files a plan with the bankruptcy court that outlines how it will restructure its debts, operations, and finances. This plan may involve negotiating with creditors to reduce or restructure debts, sell assets, or improve the company's financial situation.

Important buybuy Baby dates:

  • April 26: Store closing sales begin. All sales will be final. Coupons will not be accepted after April 26.
  • May 8: You cannot use your gift cards after this date. Use them before then, or you will lose any money left.
  • May 15: After this date, you can no longer redeem any merchandise credit you have.
  • May 24: buybuy BABY will accept returns and exchanges following its usual policies until 05/24. They will only accept returns and exchanges on merchandise bought before April 26.
  • June 2023: The company expects to close all its stores by this date.

What makes Poppylist different than a buybuy BABY registry?

Poppylist is a simplified baby registry platform offering convenience and control to expecting parents. In addition:

  1. We are a universal baby registry, offering product recommendations sourced directly from parents.
  2. We are the only baby registry that offers delayed delivery. You decide what gifts you want to be delivered and when.
  3. We are the only baby registry allowing you to exchange any gift before shipping. Did you change your mind about the high chair? You can deposit the value of your gift into your Poppylist bank and redeem the value for a Target, Amazon, or US Visa gift card instead.
  4. Gift-Givers are never re-directed to shop off a Poppylist registry, making us the most accessible platform to navigate for your friends and family.

For more information about a Poppylist baby registry, please visit our FAQ page.