When I was pregnant with my second daughter, I was relieved to know I wouldn't spend endless hours researching baby products. As a first-time parent, you don't know what you don't know, and registering for the right stuff can be daunting. But here you are, back again and expecting your second baby— congratulations! And like most veteran parents, you may still wonder what to register for. You likely already have a lot of gear from your first child, so it's important to register for the essentials only. Luckily, I can help!

When creating your second baby registry, it's essential to think about your lifestyle and your needs. What items will make your life easier and more enjoyable? What items can offer you support when your firstborn needs you? How can you ask for help with two? With some planning, you can create a second baby registry that will make like with your new arrival even more special— and helpful!

Preparing to Register for a second baby

Sarah, Founder of Poppylist, with Amelia (4) and pregnant with Zoey, now 1

Do you need to register for a second baby?

The short answer is no. Expecting families create a Poppylist baby registry to guide gift-givers in the right direction for how to support them best, but a second baby registry isn't a must. However, people will ask how they can help you, so having a registry ready to share is fine!

And you know you best! Your needs are different the second time around. Your family is expanding and your circumstances are changing. And in true Poppylist fashion, round two of parenthood is about getting the right stuff, not more stuff.

Do people make a baby registry for the second baby?

Yes, they do. It's standard for friends or loved ones to offer to host you a baby "sprinkle," a smaller, more intimate gathering of friends and family to help celebrate your second baby.

Even if you don't have a sprinkle, you will still have people who want to buy you gifts. It's a great idea to create a checklist of items you need so that people can buy you what you actually need rather than things you may already have or, even worse, something you don't need.

What to include on a registry for a second baby

First, you'll want to review your existing inventory of items from your first. Keep the products still functioning, and start to donate and toss items that no longer serve their purpose. If stored improperly, items like pacifiers, bottles, and even pump parts may need replacing. Once you're ready, here are some quick things to consider adding to your second baby registry:

  • Basics: Diapers, wipes, formula, new bottles, pacifiers, and a second car seat
  • Upgrades: A dual video monitor, another sound machine, and a new or larger diaper bag. Tip: Check all pump parts, including the tubes, to ensure they're working. Register for any broken accessories.
  • Nice-to-haves: Books, toys, and a diaper pail

You may also want to consider registering for services such as:

  • Postpartum care: A postpartum doula can provide support and help with tasks like cooking, cleaning, and childcare
  • Meal delivery: A meal delivery service can save you time and energy by providing you with pre-made meals that you can heat and eat
  • Other services: There are several services that you may find helpful, such as housecleaning, laundry service, a newborn sleep consultation, or dog walking.
By registering with Poppylist, you can add Funds to your baby registry. Funds allow friends and family to make monetary contributions to best support you and your growing family where you need it the most. Household funds, babysitting funds, first-date away fund, etc. The sky is the limit for adding the funds you need most.

5 Things to Consider Before Building Your Second Baby Registry

Last up, a five-step consideration list! Before you start building your registry, be sure to consider the following five things:

  1. Do I need this now or in a year? Some items, like diapers and wipes, are essential right away. Others, like a wagon or jogging stroller, may not be needed for a few months or even a year.
  2. Can I borrow this item instead? You can borrow baby items from friends and family, like a newborn car seat or carrier. Borrowing can save you money and space.
  3. Can I buy this item second-hand? There are a number of great deals to be found on second-hand baby gear. Facebook marketplace, for example, is a great way to save money and reduce waste.
  4. Do I have the space to store this item when I'm not using it? It's essential to consider the available storage space when choosing items for your registry. Some things, like a jumper, can take up a lot of space.
  5. Do I already have something like this from our first baby that I can reuse or re-purpose? As we discussed, take inventory of what you already have from your first baby before registering for something. You may be surprised at how much you can reuse or re-purpose.

Now that you've considered these five things, it's time to add these essentials to your second baby registry!

The 20 Best Baby Registry Items for Second-Time Parents

Best Baby Registry Subscriptions To Free up Mental Space

1. The Best Feeding Support for Formula Fed Babies: Bobbie Formula Subscription

Bobbie Formula Subscription

Bobbie organic baby formula in your pantry is a must-have for second-time parents, especially if you plan on formula feeding. Life will get exponentially busier, and baby formula is the last thing you want to forget to buy. Registering for their subscription service lets formula be delivered to your door regularly. It's one thing off your mental to-do list!

2. The Best Everyday Baby Product for Second-Time Parents: Kudos Diaper & Wipes Subscription

Kudos Diaper & Wipes Subscription

If you could reduce the number of diaper rashes your baby gets, would you? Well, with Kudos, you can! Kudos diapers are lined with 100% cotton instead of plastic— I know! They've also been certified to the strictest safety standard, OEKO-TEX® Standard 100. Baby bums, rejoice! And parents everywhere, rejoice again with another everyday baby item you can put on repeat with their subscription service!

Bonus: Get 10% off your order with code POPPYLIST10

3. The Best Developmentally Appropriate Toys for Babies:  Lovevery Play Kit Subscription

Lovevery Play Kit Subscription

Warning! Your older baby will love this, too! Each Lovevery kit is thoughtfully designed to cater to the specific developmental stages of babies, promoting their cognitive, motor, and sensory skills. The subscription offers a curated selection of high-quality toys that grow with the baby, ensuring they receive the right stimulation at every milestone, making it an exceptional choice for parents seeking to nurture their child's early learning and development.

Best Second-Time Baby Registry Items to Tackle Double Duty

4. The Best Bath Seat With Two in the Tub: Summer Infant Bath Seat

Summer Infant Bath Seat

Bathing two kids at once can be a challenge, but it's doable with the right gear. A quality bath seat is a must-have for second-time parents, as it allows you to bathe both kids safely and simultaneously, which has become a nightly tradition in my home! We love this bath seat because it's sturdy and provides ample support for both babies. Bonus: it comes with some bath toys!

5. The Best Stroller Ride-Along Board: UPPababy PiggyBack Ride-Along Board

UPPababy PiggyBack Ride-Along Board

There's a really good chance you own an UPPAbaby stroller, and if so, we have a must-have accessory for you: the ride-along board. Once your oldest child has outgrown the stroller, they'll absolutely love riding on this cool "skateboard." It not only gives them a sense of independence but also makes trips to the grocery store with two kids a breeze- ish. We use it every day and our toddler strolls along with us, meltdown free.

Best Second-Time Baby Registry Items to Support You Hands-Free

6. The Best Diaper Bag Fanny Pack for On-The-Go: Kibou Mini

Kibou Mini

If you are a second-time parent who is looking for a lightweight, compact, and hands-free diaper bag, the Kibou Mini fanny pack diaper bag is a great option. It is a great way to keep your essentials close by while you are on the go with your growing family. Plus, with each kid, you feel more confident leaving the house with a little less!

7. The Best Baby Bouncer: Ergobaby 3-in-1 Evolve Baby Bouncer

Ergobaby 3-in-1 Evolve Baby Bouncer

The Ergobaby 3-in-1 Evolve Baby Bouncer is an excellent option for second-time parents because it's versatile, comfortable, and easy to use. It can be used from birth to toddlerhood, making it a solid investment for families with multiple children. We love that this bouncer doubles as an entertaining and safe space to place your baby while you get things done around the house. Did we mention it folds flat for easy storage? Yes please!

8. The Best Organic Newborn Lounger: Snuggle Me Organic

Snuggle Me Organic

The Snuggle Me Organic Lounger was used daily in our home for months and lasted with two kids. The lounger is made from organic materials and is machine-washable, making it easy to keep clean— so there is no need to worry about spit-up stains! I loved how this lounger hugged my baby's tiny body, and it was so lovely to safely lay her inside the lounger while I needed to tend to my other kid. A must-have for second-time parents!

*This is not a sleeping device. Please adhere to all safety standards set by Snuggle Me Organic, and use the product only as intended.

9. The Best Carrier to Tend to Two Littles: Free-to-Grow Baby Carrier by Tula

Free-to-Grow Baby Carrier by Tula

As a mom of two, there were countless moments when both of my children needed me simultaneously (and still do). My favorite solution to this, especially if the baby is fussy, is to baby wear, which allows you to be hands-free and tend to your toddler. I've tested more carriers than I care to admit over four years, and this is the best one. Plus, you don't need help from your partner to put it on— a major bonus! Multiple adjustment capabilities exist to find your perfect fit as the baby grows, and the Free-to-Grow Tula baby carrier can be used from 7 - 45 pounds.

The Best Second-Time Baby Registry Items for Mom

10. The Best Wearable Breast Pump: The Elvie Double

The Elvie Double

As a mom of two, the last thing you will want is to be tethered to an outlet pumping. Meet the Elvie—a slimline, wearable breast pump designed to tuck discreetly in a bra. You can control the Elvie Pump from the app for a seamless experience—free to roam where other mother-pumpers dare not to go!

11. The Best Lactation Support Beverage: Lactation Lattes from It's Bodily

Lactation Lattes from It's Bodily

Every new mom deserves a moment for them, and this latte let's you settle in for a peaceful moment. The Lactation Lattes by It's Bodily are a delicious daily ritual packed with organic lactation superfoods to support you in breastfeeding or pumping. If you can't leave your home to visit your favorite coffee shop, this is the second-best option!

12. The Best Postpartum Collection Kit: For Mom by Earth Mama Organics

For Mom by Earth Mama Organics

Earth Mama's been caring for all things breastfeeding and "down there" for two decades, so they've taken the guesswork out of which herbal solutions make up the perfect support team. I've used this collection kit's items twice and recommend them to every expecting mom I meet. And if there's one thing people love buying off Poppylist baby registries? It's a kit or bundle for mom!

13. The Best Tech for Multi-Tasking: Apple AirPods Pro

Apple AirPods Pro

No more having your toddler pull on cords or clammy baby hands grabbing for your headphones! You can listen to your favorite podcast while nursing, picking up the home, or baby-wearing with wireless headphones. It's always nice to take a phone call from a friend hands-free, too. After all, the name of the parenting game here is efficiency. These are at the top of your Poppylist baby registry list to make it happen.

Best Second-Time Baby Registry Items for the Home

14. The Best Solution for Meals on the Go: Beast Blender

Beast Blender

If there's one thing we can all agree on, being a parent of multiples is hard, and sometimes it's even harder for mom and dad to make a meal. So if you're super busy, here's a quick option to add ingredients into a reliable blender, ensuring everyone gets their nutrition. Meet our favorite choice: The Beast Blender. A first of its kind, thoughtfully designed and meticulously engineered with industry-leading technology. Did we mention she'll look gorgeous displayed on your counter, too? You won't regret adding this beast to your baby registry!

15. The Best Instant Coffee Pot: Keurig K-Cafe Single Serve Latte and Cappuccino Maker

Keurig K-Cafe Single Serve Latte and Cappuccino Maker

Mom and Dad, it's time to upgrade, and you know it. Say goodbye to your gross, old coffee pot and upgrade with this barista-approved option from Keurig and serve yourself the hot, delicious latte you deserve. We love that it's single-serve, which means you'll always have access to a perfect cup of caffeine. Don't all parents need this luxury? Yes, yes they do!

16. The Best Item for Quick Cleaning: Cordless Vacuum by Black + Decker

Cordless Vacuum by Black + Decker

Dried scrambled eggs. Puffs. Toast. Cereal. Old spaghetti. You name it. Sh*t will end up on the floor around every meal and snack time, so you might as well make your life a little easier with a cordless vacuum. One of the best registry items and gifts we can give ourselves are items that make like more efficient, and a reliable vacuum is one of them.

17. The Best Tool for Great Hair in Minutes: The Beach Waver

The Beach Waver

Moms, rejoice! The beach waver is amazing because it saves so much time. Not only does it automatically wrap your hair, but you can also control the wand's speed and direction. We want you to have your baby-free moments used to their max, so enjoy more time enjoying the beautiful waves and less time making them— you're welcome!

Best Upgraded Gear for Your Second Baby Registry

18. The Best Everyday Diaper Bag: Huhu Diaper Bag

Huhu Diaper Bag

If anyone knows what you need in a diaper bag, it's a mom. And this one was designed by a mom of two, so you know she thought through every detail with meticulous thought and care. Meet Huhu, the diaper backpack that has it all together, even when you don't. This bag has somehow eliminated the "black hole" of searching for everything— you gotta try it to believe it!

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19. The Best All-Terrain Wagon: Veer Wagon, Cruiser All-Terrain Hybrid

Veer Wagon, Cruiser All-Terra

Veer Cruiser is a great stroller wagon for second-time parents who want to make memories with their growing family. It has the functionality and safety of a premium stroller and is compatible with eight major brands of infant car seats. Veer makes it a convenient and safe choice for parents looking for a versatile stroller that can accommodate young children and infants.

20. The Best Blanket for Family Adventures: YETI Lowlands Blanket

YETI Lowlands Blanket

Meet your plush, all-terrain blanket for outdoor ventures, park play dates, and dirty kids. This blanket is the one item you need to keep in your trunk. It's durable, has a waterproof layer, and repels dirt, sand, and pet hair. Plus, it's machine washable! If there was a blanket designed for all your family adventures, it's this one.

Feeling Prepared to Grow Your Family

As second-time parents, creating a baby registry can feel like a different experience from the first time around. While you may already have some items from your previous child, it's important to assess your needs and update your registry accordingly. Focus on practicality and convenience, including essentials like diapers, wipes, and baby gear that will make your life easier.

Don't forget to consider the needs of your growing family, such as double strollers or sibling gifts. Remember, every baby is unique, and your personal preferences will play a significant role in shaping your registry. Trust your instincts and use this opportunity to prepare for the arrival of your second child with confidence and excitement.

Congratulations on expanding your family, and may your Poppylist baby registry help simplify your journey into parenthood once again.