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FAQs for Your Baby Registry

Does Poppylist work with every store?

Yes. Our universal baby registry lets you add any product or service from any online website.

I already have another baby registry. Can I merge/sync it with Poppylist?

At this time, you're unable to merge/sync an existing baby registry with Poppylist. To alleviate having more than one, please contact our team at, and we would be happy to transfer your entire baby registry over to Poppylist, for free!

I want to add a product not listed in the Poppylist catalog. How do I do that?

Once logged in, select the button on the bottom left titled 'Registry.' Then, select the button on the top left titled 'Add to Registry.' You will be directed to a page titled 'Add Product to Registry.' Copy the URL of the product you want to add from your preferred online merchant. Prices vary at any given time and per website. The price will auto-populate, but please double-check the amount of the product at that time.

I want to add a service to my Poppylist baby registry. How do I do that?

Once logged in, select the button on the bottom left titled 'Registry.' Then, select the button on the top left titled 'Add to Registry.' You will be directed to a page titled 'Add Product to Registry.' Copy the URL of the service you want to add from your preferred online merchant. If this is a subscription, please calculate how many months you'd like for someone to contribute and insert that amount in the price box.

Can I customize my Poppylist baby registry site?

Yes! You can add a header image, a profile photo, a welcome message, and more.

Can I add my partner to my Poppylist baby registry?

Currently, we only allow one account per registry. Please share your login information with your partner.

I'm outside the U.S. Can I still use Poppylist to build my baby registry?

Our registry platform supports only supports customers in the United States. The next country we will work to support is Canada.

How do I receive my gift?

Log-in to your registry, filter your registry items by 'Purchased,' and click the button that says 'Ship My Gift' to initiate the fulfillment process.

What happens if the item is out of stock when I ask for it to be shipped?

If Poppylist is unsuccessful at finding the exact product or service you registered for, we will deposit the funds into your Poppylist Bank. You can make an immediate withdrawal at any time. Your funds will be transferred to an electronic gift card of your choice.

For additional questions about the bank and gift cards, please see below for Gift Card Issuances FAQs.

Can a gift-giver ship an item from my baby registry to their home?

No. A gift-giver can only secure you a product or service from your baby registry. The registrant, you, decides when to initiate shipment, and you decide where the item will be shipped.

How long does it take to recieve my gift?

Once you select 'Ship My Gift,' Poppylist has an SLA time of 72 hours to initiate the fulfillment of your gift. Once we fulfill your item, it is then up to the vendor/merchant on their standard shipping times. Please keep in mind, due to COVID-19, products and packages may require more time to be delivered due to limited transportation availability as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 impacts.

Is my contact information private?

Yes. Your information is private. We do not sell your contact information or data to third parties. Ever.

I have questions about my baby registry. Who can I contact?

For any questions regarding your baby registry, please contact

Can someone reserve a gift off my baby registry without purchasing it?

No. No one has the ability to "reserve" you a gift. This eliminates duplicate gift giving, and allows you, the registrant, to have complete visibility into exactly what gifts have been secured for you.

Can I cancel a gift that's been secured by my gift-givers?

When it's time to redeem your gift, you'll have the option to select a gift card instead of the physical product if you've changed your mind.

Can I see who purchased me a gift off my Poppylist baby registry?

Yes. We eliminate surprises and make it easy for you to thank all of your gift-givers by keeping their name next to the gift they bought you.

What is your return policy?

You will have access to the order number to initiate your own return. For defective or damaged products, please contact

FAQs for The Bank & Gift Card Issuances

What is The Bank?

The Bank is your pool of funds inside your baby registry account.

How does money get deposited into The Bank?

1. You can select 'Add to Bank' on any items that have been purchased for you instead of having Poppylist fulfill and ship the physical item.
2. If an item is sold out or if there is a price discrepancy, Poppylist will automatically deposit the amount your gift was purchased for into your Bank.

How do I make a withdrawal?

From your registry, navigate to your Bank. Click the "Withdraw" button at the top of the screen, and you'll be able to select the amount of your withdrawal. Next, you'll be prompted to select a gift card to the retailer of your choice from the available options. You can come back anytime to view your gift card code and redeem for a purchase.

Can I make more than one withdrawal?

Yes! You can make as many withdrawals as you'd like from your bank funds.

How long can I keep funds in my Poppylist Bank?

There is no expiration for the funds in your Bank. Whenever you're ready to withdraw, they'll be there.

What if I can't remember how much is in the bank, or if I made a withdrawal?

Every deposit and withdrawal is documented and saved inside your account for visibility.

The gift on my baby registry is no longer available. When will I receive my virtual gift card?

On the day we confirm your gift is not available, we will deposit the value of your gift into your Poppylist Bank, accessible inside your account. When you're ready to make a withdrawl, you'll select the amount and your preferred gift card. Within 24 hours, you will receive an email that contains a link to your virtual gift card.

How much money will you issue to my gift card?

We will issue you the exact amount you request from your withdrawal.

How do I activate my gift card?

Your virtual gift card does not have to be activated, and can be used as soon as you receive it.

Do I have to use my gift card for the exact gift that was secured?

No. We understand things change, and it’s your sole discretion to apply the funds on the card as you see fit.

Can I use my gift card in a physical store?

Your card can be used in-store only if the merchant can manually enter your card information.

Are there any fees associated with my gift card?

No. There are zero fees.

FAQs for Gift-Givers

I want to bring the gift to the baby shower. Can I ship it to myself?

No. As a gift-giver, your only option is to secure an item on a registrants baby registry. We give complete control to our expecting parents and let them decide what gifts they want to be delivered, and when.

How do I search for someone's baby registry?

We respect the privacy for each registrant. To access a specific registry, you will need to request their link directly from the registry owner.

Will I receive a shipping confirmation?

No, you will not receive a shipping confirmation. Our parents choose when they want to redeem their gift. Some may not want to store a highchair for six months and prefer to receive it later— for example. So to avoid confusion, shipping details are only shared with them.

How will I know they received my gift?

Poppylist keeps track of every item purchased and redeemed from their baby registry, so no need to worry. Our parents are very thoughtful, and we’re sure you’ll receive a thank you card. We also remind them to send their gift-givers a note. After all, there’s a lot to keep track of when you’re preparing to become a parent.

Can I reserve the gift ahead of time?

Gift-givers do not have the ability to reserve a gift. This eliminates duplicate gift giving, and allows our registrants to have complete visibility into exactly what gifts have been secured from their baby registry.

Will I receive a confirmation email after I've purchased a gift?

Yes. You will receive a confirmation email right away that includes a summary of your purchase.

To: Email address your provided
Subject Line: Poppylist Order Confirmation

If you do not see this in your primary inbox, please check your Promotions or Spam folder for an email from and select Safe Sender. This will ensure you never miss an email from us again!

FAQs for Ask Poppy

Who is Poppy?

We’ve trained a model which interacts in a conversational way. Poppy is powered by OpenAI, most famously the creators of ChatGPT.

How much does Poppy cost?

We offer a free version of Ask Poppy, and a paid version of Ask Poppy, which costs $9.99 per month.

How many questions can I ask Poppy?

The free version of Ask Poppy allows you to ask up to 30 questions a month, and the paid version of Ask Poppy allows you to ask unlimited questions a month.

Is Poppy medical advice?

ChatGPT is owned by OpenAI, and OpenAI models are not fine-tuned to provide medical information. You should never use our model, or any other OpenAI or Artificial Intelligence enabled model to provide diagnostic or treatment services for serious medical conditions. OpenAI's platforms should not be used to triage or manage life-threatening issues that need immediate attention.

Do you have additional questions?

Please let us know by emailing Someone from our team will be in touch with you as soon as possible. Thank you.

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