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Introducing Ask Poppy


Tamiz Ahmed

When our Founder Sarah was in the early days of becoming a 2nd time mom last year, she and I would often discuss all the late nights new parents spend trying to get their newborns to eat and sleep. We found that a lot of that time was spent Googling all the random questions parents (especially first-time parents like myself) have when trying to care for a baby. My personal search history looked something like this: "How often does my baby need to eat?", "How do I get my baby to go back to sleep", "When will my baby sleep through the night?".

While seeking out information from the web is one way of answering your questions, one of the challenges is how much effort it can take to browse numerous sites to get a satisfying answer to your question. For parents, convenience is key so a quick and easy, but still accurate, solution will always be preferred.

Enter Ask Poppy, an OpenAI powered texting bot that answers any and all of your pregnancy/baby related questions.

The app is powered by OpenAI, most famously the creators of ChatGPT. We've taken one of the most powerful APIs offered by OpenAI, Completions API, and tailored it to the needs of our users. OpenAI does a fantastic job making it easy for anyone to integrate with their various APIs. For Ask Poppy, we're using the Completions API to ask questions and receive answers. After receiving the answers from the API, we customize the responses our users receive, and often add accompanying links to add further context to the user's question.

If you'd like to play around with these impressive tools, you can do so (even if you're non-technical) by signing up for a free OpenAI account for ChatGPT and Playground.

Ask Poppy is available for anyone to try at We can't wait to see how you like it!

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