My kids are now age 4.5 and 2, and I am just now finding my footing in what to buy to make my life and home a tiny bit more tame. This took awhile, to be honest. When I was pregnant with my son James, the unchartered world of motherhood was super daunting and overwhelming, full of anxious anticipation and trial-and-error learning. With my second (my daughter), juggling pregnancy and the constant energy of also having a toddler in the house (and during Covid- omg) turned my life into a three-ring circus.

Amidst the whirlwind of change and adjustment, I discovered the world of pregnancy and parenting apps and subscription services. These 9 gems (pregnancy subscription boxes and baby subscription boxes) made my pregnancy and parenting journey smoother, providing convenience, quality, and some much-needed pampering and fun. Read on to learn about what really allowed me to finally take a deep exhale as a pregnant mom and a new parent - many of which I still use today!

The Best Pregnancy Subscription Boxes

1. The best box to support you each trimester

The Stork Bag: Offering a range of $40 to $60 per bag, This subscription box was a ray of sunshine during my pregnancy journey. Each bag arrived filled with fun, unique items hand-picked for my specific stage of pregnancy. I remember a particularly difficult day when I was feeling worn out and heavy. The arrival of my Stork Bag that day, with a delicious organic foot cream, felt like a small spa retreat right at home. I spent that evening massaging my swollen feet, feeling revitalized and pampered.

The Stork Bag sample, source: @thestorkbag on Instagram
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2. The best box with the cleanest ingredients

Ecocentric Mom: Ecocentric Mom, priced at $39.99/bi-monthly, was like a bimonthly baby shower. It focused on providing an eco friendly, holistic wellness experience, from natural beauty products to nutritious snacks. My favorite was an organic pregnancy tea they included in my first box, which helped ease my morning sickness. The ritual of brewing and sipping the soothing tea became a calming routine that I looked forward to each day. I was actually gifted my Ecocentric mom box from a friend- so a great idea for supporting moms to be.

Ecocentric mom second trimester box
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The Best Subscription Boxes for New Parents

3. The most absorbent diaper subscription

Coterie: For approximately $80/month, Coterie brings peace of mind with their premium diapers and wipes. The diapers are not just super-absorbent, but they're also eco-friendly, soft, and gentle on the baby's skin. When my second child was born, we experienced a night with a significant diaper leak, leading to an early morning wash load. Switching to Coterie afterward meant less frequent changes, fewer leaks, and more importantly, more uninterrupted sleep.

Sarah's daughter wearing her Coterie diaper!
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4. The best defense against a diaper rash subscription

Kudos: Priced at about $78/month, Kudos brought a revolutionary change in our diaper routine. Their diapers use 100% cotton against the baby's skin, a feature that proved invaluable when my youngest developed a diaper rash. Within a few days of using Kudos, her skin cleared up, and her discomfort significantly decreased. The relief on her face was priceless, making Kudos a permanent part of our parenting kit.

Baby using Kudos wipes
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5. The best stage-based play kit subscription box

Lovevery: Lovevery's play kits, ranging from $36-$120, offered an age-appropriate, science-backed playtime solution. They're more than just baby toys. They saved me hours of research and countless shopping trips. Especially if you have more than one child, they have both baby and toddler subscription boxes and have been the items that have grown with my children the most. You are welcome to purchase just one box, or you can subscribe (with free shipping) for the gift that keeps on giving! One of the most memorable moments was seeing my eldest solve the 'Lock Box' puzzle that came in his 'Babbler' box (for months 13-15). It helped him develop patience and problem-solving skills, all while having fun.

Emily's daughter Edie playing with her Lovevery toys
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6. The best clothing subscription box

Rent-a-Romper: Starting at $24/month, Rent-a-Romper saved me from the endless cycle of shopping for my rapidly growing toddler. It is so hard to know what sizes to get of what clothes, and what baby essentials (like burp cloths and swaddles) you'll need! With their practical and fashionable clothing options, I never had to worry about outgrown, barely worn clothes cluttering up my storage. I still remember the relief when I received our first package, perfectly timed when my eldest outgrew his clothes, yet again.

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7. The best formula subscription

Bobbie: At $26/can, Bobbie provided the best alternative when breastfeeding was not an option. Their organic, European-style formula was a blessing when my milk supply couldn't meet my second child's growing demands. Switching to Bobbie formula eased my stress and my baby's hunger, restoring peace and a much-needed routine in our lives. It will be such a relief for both you and your baby to have the right formula there when you need it.

Buying some Bobbie IRL!
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8. The best options to easily feed the family

"Adult" Meal Subscriptions: Services like HelloFresh (from $8.99/serving), Blue Apron (from $7.49/serving), and Sun Basket (from $10.99/serving) were true lifesavers during the chaos of adjusting to a newborn. I recall a particular evening when my husband and I, exhausted yet excited, prepared a Sun Basket meal while our newborn peacefully snoozed. It was not just about the convenience of pre-portioned ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes, but also about stealing a moment of 'normal' in the whirlwind of parenthood. HelloFresh are also super child-friendly! My son loves participating in cooking with us, and also trying the food.

James eating some HelloFresh leftovers!

9. The Best Food Subscription for Little Ones

Little Spoon provides healthy, organic, fresh food for your new-eater! From snacks to full meals, Little Spoon delivers meals made specifically for babies and toddlers right to your door so you are not worried and stressed about adding "chef" to your long list of household titles. You can choose how many meals you want per week, and they offer both purees and solid food choices for when you are ready to begin introducing your baby to non-milk food! It's a perfect way to start your little one off on the right foot when it comes to introducing solids!

Final Thoughts

Through my journey of pregnancy and parenting, these subscription services evolved from being a convenience to an integral part of my family's lifestyle. They provided well-thought-out solutions, occasional surprises, and much-needed relief, making my adventure of being a mom more manageable and enjoyable. Whether you're stepping into motherhood for the first time or juggling multiple little ones, I hope these services add a sprinkle of ease, joy, and simplicity to your incredible journey.