This article was updated in January 2024

Mother's Day is just around the corner, and if you're still scratching your head for gift ideas, fear not! We've got your back with our curated selection of gifts that will show your mom how much you love and appreciate her. Trust us, we’re moms, and we made this list! And remember, if all else fails, just hug her and tell her she’s the best mom in the world – it’s the gift that keeps giving.

For the mom who does it all and needs an extra set of hands (isn't this all moms?)

We all know that moms are superheroes who can juggle a million things simultaneously, but sometimes even Wonder Woman needs an extra set of hands. And while gifting her a set of octopus tentacle arms that can help her with everything from cooking to cleaning isn’t an option, these gift ideas are. Here are some ideas to help make her life a little bit easier.

Meal delivery service from Green Chef. Give the mom in your life a break from cooking with a meal delivery service a Green Chef Subscription. This way, she can enjoy delicious, home-cooked meals without the hassle of grocery shopping and meal planning. And now that she has one meal off her to-do list, she can start making the best smoothies on the go with the Beast Blender. Honestly, it’s time to upgrade her decades-old blender with one that’s beautiful enough to stay on the counter.

Speaking of counters, do you know what would look beautiful on them? A bouquet. And not just any bouquet, one from Farmgirl Flowers. Farmgirl Flowers sources their flowers directly from sustainable farms, which allows them to reduce waste and ensure the freshest blooms for their customers. Not to mention, they offer the most stunning arrangements for any occasion, but especially on Mother’s Day. Don’t underestimate the power of a bouquet!

And while your superhero mom is busy making the world go round, one last gift idea is a Qeepsake Membership. She doesn’t have time to fill out a baby book, and who does, honestly? Parents can sign up for the service and receive regular prompts via text message or email to capture memories, such as funny quotes or important milestones. The platform also allows parents to upload photos and videos, and provides tools for organizing and editing the content. Qeepsake then uses this information to create a personalized digital or physical memory book that parents can keep and cherish for years to come.

Lastly, if you're a mom with a new baby, then the best gift you could possible give (to her or youself!) is the gift of sleep. Honestly, this is a gift for the entire home. Buy the tired mom in your life a Sleep Chat from Just Sleep Already. There is no shame in asking for help. Happy life, happy wife? More like rested wife, happy llfe.

For the jet-setter mom who’d love a one-way ticket, but always books a return flight home!

We all have that mom who claims she needs a vacation but can't resist booking a return flight home (it’s me!). And for the mom who's always dreaming of an adventure but can never seem to leave home for too long, we've curated the best Mother’s Day gift ideas that will satisfy her wanderlust.

It’s no secret that having kids can age us, but we can fill up our travel bags with Anti-Aging Starter Set by OSEA and feel better about our age (and wrinkles) right away. This skincare kit includes three products designed to hydrate, firm, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. PS— no shame if you’re a mom reading this and already bought it for yourself (it’s in my cart, too).

When mom’s ready to travel or even take a staycation nearby, you will want this perfect, Convertible Mini Weekender Bag by BEIS. This bag can be used as both a shoulder bag and a backpack. It’s made of durable, water-resistant nylon and features multiple compartments and pockets for storing and organizing essentials. And if you have to, you can turn it into a chic diaper bag! If mom duty calls and she can’t get away, bring the adventure directly to her with the Let's Get Away Kit by Shop Box Fox. And while you’re at it, customize her toiletries with Build Your Six by Keep Your Cadence along with a monogrammed travel case by Leatherology that she can put her toiletries in. And lastly, she deserves to travel in comfort. And the only answer to that is the wrinkle-resistant travel pants by Athleta. It won’t be a bumpy Mother’s Day with any of these gifts!

For the scrunchy moms; a little bit crunchy and a little bit silky!

Wondering what the heck a scrunchy mom is? Well, if you aren't on TikTok, then you probably don't know. So here's a quick overview:

The term "scrunchy mom" is a play on the term "crunchy mom" which refers to a parent who is very focused on natural and holistic living, and may be associated with practices such as attachment parenting, home birth, breastfeeding, cloth diapering, and organic food. Is this you? Love it! Here's the best Mother's Day gifts for you, scrunchy mama:

  1. The Intro Set by Avaline Wines
  2. Everyday Print Set by Artifact Uprising
  3. Plants from The Sill
  4. The Multi-Serve Bundle Mom Fe Fo
  5. Elements of Comfort Body Oil by Kler

For the soon-to-be real-life superhero mom

Attention all superheroes! We're looking at you, pregnant moms-to-be. You're growing a human, battling morning sickness and exhaustion, all while still making the world go round and doing the impossible. Here’s a gift guide to help you feel empowered and celebrated this Mother's Day (and always).

The Story of You Baby Book by Artifact Uprising, is the perfect way to capture all of those special moments throughout pregnancy and the first year of your baby's life. The Peridot Birthstone Necklace by Gorjana is a beautiful and meaningful piece of jewelry to keep close to your heart (plus, this makes for the perfect push present!) The Mama-to-Be Bundle by Earth Mama Organics provides you with all-natural and organic products to keep you feeling pampered and nourished during this special time. The Sleep Mask by The Good Side will help you catch some much-needed zzz's, while the Loungewear Dress by Sleeper will make you feel chic and comfy during all of your superhero duties, especially postpartum! With these gifts, you'll be ready to take on the world and show everyone what a real-life superhero mom can do (which is basically everything).

For the mom who can’t turn off those pesky intrusive, anxious thoughts

For the mom who can't seem to turn off those pesky intrusive thoughts, finding the right gift can feel like a Herculean task. Thankfully, we've rounded up five products that are sure to help her kick those worries to the curb. The Windows Down Perfume by Henry Rose will transport her to a blissful state of mind with its refreshing and calming scent. With a book subscription to Book of the Month, she can curl up with a captivating read and forget about her troubles for a while. The Find Your Feals Starter Kit from Feals offers a range of CBD products that can help ease anxiety and promote relaxation. For the mom who needs to get her body moving to clear her mind, a Paddle from Recess Pickle Ball is the perfect way to relieve stress. Finally, a Calm Subscription can provide her with the guided meditations and other tools she needs to manage her thoughts and find inner peace.

BONUS: The gift that every singe woman needs, not just mom's

Meet the personal safety alarm made for women, by women— Birdie. This colorful alarm has a loud alarm and flashing strobe light designed to deter an attack. We hope that you never have to use her, but you can feel safer knowing that you have Birdie on your keychain.

MOTHER'S DAY SALE!: Buy 1+ Birdie for 10% Off, 3+ for 15% off, and 5+ for 20% off!

It goes without saying that Mother's Day is a special day to honor the incredible women in our lives, but let's not forget that every day is a chance to show them how much we love and appreciate them. Whether you're a busy mom yourself, or shopping for the moms in your life, we hope you discovered the perfect gift for special mama.