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We know, we know. There's a gift guide everywhere you look these days, but this isn't your average gift guide. In true Poppylist fashion, we sourced gift ideas directly from moms; First-time moms, expecting moms, second and third-time moms, hopeful moms, and every mom in between. And as a mom myself, I know you won't toss aside these gifts in a few months.
These gifts are your everyday companion,  your extra set of hands, and the self-care necessities you deserve.
This holiday season, I polled our community of moms and asked them: "What's one thing you're hoping to unwrap this year?" And to no surprise, many of the moms said the same thing. The theme? Everyday bits of joy. And that's precisely the 2022 gift guide we've curated for the Every Mom.
From your friends at Poppylist, we wish you and yours a joyful holiday season. Happy shopping, y'all!

The Every Mom Gift Guide 2022

Letterfolk, Tile Mat | $75.00

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Its timeless, vintage-inspired hexagon tile design and removable caps can be used to create endless patterns, designs, and words. We love the versatility of this mat, its ability to be used for all four seasons, and the fun personal touch you can add to your home!

Bombas, Tri-Block Ankle Sock Set | $75.00

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It's cozy season, and if there's one thing a mom deserves besides a robe to stay comfortable, it's socks. Elevate her sock game with this 6-pack of Bombas. Moms are on their feet all day, so they might as well be wearing socks that can keep up with the demands of everyday parenting. Not to mention, they're chic! These make the perfect stocking stuffer, too! *makes for a great stocking stuffer

BYCHARI, The Original Spaced Letter Necklace | $265

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I don't know a mom who doesn't love personalized jewelry, especially if it's her children's names or initials. If you've been wondering where to buy this necklace, look no further than the original designer, BYCHARI. Nothing spells luxe like something made just for her, and nothing is better than a piece of jewelry that goes with everything. When we asked our community of moms what's on their wish list, this came up at the very top.

Jot, Ultra Coffee | $19.50

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It's no surprise that parents are looking to elevate their coffee game— especially moms, and we've found the perfect caffeine boost she's been looking for. Jot Coffee is the purest, most concentrated form of liquid coffee in the world. It's uncommonly smooth for those not-so-smooth days, and the clarity of flavor in this coffee is unmatched. You only need a tablespoon to transform any liquid into a truly remarkable cup. *makes for a great stocking stuffer

The Beast, Beast Health Blender | $165

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Unsurprisingly, the Beast Blender has made our gift guide for the second year in a row. This compact blender makes preparing smoothies a breeze. Since it's an individual size blender, there's less waste and less to clean. Plus, the top of the blender is your cup, so it's one less dish for mom (or dad) to clean. Not to mention, the beast is a beauty that can sit on your countertop, looking tasteful.

Bala, The Starter Kit | $203

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Gyms are overrated, and often moms don't have the time in their day to drive to and from a workout facility, so help her build her own with The Starter Kit. This set includes 1x set of Bala Bangles, 1x set of Bala Bars, and 1x Power Ring. My favorite in this set is the Bala Bangles. They're easy to keep on during the day and add an extra boost during those stroller walks with babe. We love a good habit stack, which will help anyone achieve their exercise goals from home!

Summer Fridays, On Cloud Nine Mini Set | $30.00

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This Sephora bestseller includes the Jet Lag Mask and the Cloud Dew Oil-Free Gel Cream with a limited-edition terry cloth scrunchie. What's not to love? But don't just take our word for it. "If you have dry skin like I do, or live in a super cold climate, then these products are a must. The moisturizer makes my skin super hydrated, soft, and glowy in the mornings! And after a sleepless night with two kids, the Jetlagged instantly replenishes my skin and leaves it feeling soft and smoother," says Jessica Heckmann, mom of two and Poppylist parent. *makes for a great stocking stuffer

Frigidaire, Mini Skincare Set | $37.99

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While you're busy upgrading your skincare, you might as well buy the perfect companion for your eye cream and ice roller! Meet the item you didn't know you needed for your bathroom counter— the Frigidaire mini fridge, designed to keep products cool and face less puffy. "A skincare fridge keeps your makeup and facial products between a temperature of 45 and 50 degrees, prolonging their shelf life a bit," says dermatologist Mona Gohara, MD, associate clinical professor at Yale. This little bb comes in four colors. Which one will you buy?

Terra Kaffe, TK-01 Coffee Brewing Device | $825

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Thanks to Terra Kaffe, your favorite coffee shop has just entered your kitchen. We know the price is steep, but so is visiting a coffee shop every day. And no, we can't guarantee that still won't happen, but now with this coffee maker, mom can enjoy classics like espresso, Americanos, oat milk lattes, and more with a tap. Motherhood requires convenience, and this coffee maker exudes precisely that. Our favorite feature? You can seamlessly switch from foamy to silky with the twist of a dial. The milk frothing knob grants you complete aeration control over any milk. Happy caffeinating!

Euhomy, Countertop Ice Maker | $349.99

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How particular is the mom in your life about her ice? Will she go out of her way for Dunkin Donuts and Chick Fil A ice? If so, then this is the one gift you must buy her. This ice maker doesn't make regular ice—it makes cool ice. And by "cool," we mean not rock-solid break-a-tooth ice like what you'd get from your freezer. We mean ice cold enough to chill a cocktail and perfectly chewable while you're sipping your iced coffee—fun fact: the ice maker doesn't need to be hooked up to a water line.

Stanley, The Quencher | $40.00

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The water bottle went viral on TikTok, leaving the Stanley Quencher sold out numerous times throughout the year. But you're in luck— because they've been re-stocked just in time for the holidays. This Stanley water bottle is a mom's right of passage— it comes in chic neutral colors, fits in every cup holder, is insulated, and makes the perfect commuting partner to school drop off, Target, Starbucks, or anywhere mom's heart desires. Skip the Yeti Tumbler and opt for this one— trust me (I own two).

Lovevery, Play Kit Subscription | $120

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It's no surprise that roaming the aisles of Target trying to decide what gift to buy your grandson, niece/nephew, etc., can feel overwhelming and daunting. Luckily, Lovevery takes out the guesswork for you. Their Play Kit supports any child's learning development with play essentials tailored to their exact stage, from birth to year 3. The Play Kit is delivered every three months at $120 per kit. Sure, this isn't a gift for mom directly, but it'll buy her moments of free time while her baby plays, and that's about as good of a gift as any!

Alo, Accolade Sweat Set in Cinnamon Brown | $245

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When the days are hectic, and you don't have time to think about an outfit, a matching athleisure look will elevate your style immediately. Put in some hoops, slick your hair back in a bun, and you're ready to conquer the day. At the very least, moms deserve to feel beautiful and comfortable, and this matching Accolade Hoodie and Sweatpant set from Alo will help you achieve precisely that.

Bissel, AeroSlim Handless Vacuum | $40.99

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I know what you're thinking— a hand vac? Hear me out. One of the top gift submissions from moms was a car wash subscription (bonus— buy her that, too!), but one item that'll help maintain a sense of cleanliness when the puffs end up all over the floorboard, is this Bissell handheld vacuum that mom (and dad) can keep (and use) in the car. It makes picking up messes from tiny people a breeze, and no one needs to be fishing out cheerios one by one. *makes for a great stocking stuffer

Dagne Dover, Indi Diaper Backpack | $215

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This is one of the few backpacks that operates as a diaper bag. The Indi bag is the best of both worlds for the parent looking to elevate their diaper bag game with a gender-neutral crowd favorite. This bag holds all your diaper essentials and then some. Our favorite feature? You can use this bag beyond the baby stage, too. It's the bag that will effortlessly stand up to every phase of life you're in. Did we mention it's gorgeous to look at?

Happy holidays, y'all!