The App That Makes Parenting 10x Easier

What if we told you that building your baby registry with Poppylist, powered by an app and their marketplace could make parenting 10x easier? Well, we believe one app can. Meet Maple.

Michael Perry is the Founder and CEO of Grow Maple, a family tech startup looking to ease the burden of parenting, freeing up families to spend more quality time together. After becoming a father, Michael was determined to develop a platform that would change the world of parenting through technology.

Sarah Hollingsworth is the Founder and CEO of Poppylist, a baby registry platform looking to simplify how expecting parents prepare for parenthood, instilling confidence with the right stuff— not just more stuff. After becoming a mother, Sarah knew the process could be simpler, less overwhelming, and more trustworthy. And she was determined to create a registry that she wished she had.

For Perry, Maple represents a path to that kind of shift in the economics of parenting and a network of family services, including goods, care, leisure, and more.

For Hollingsworth, Poppylist represents a community recommending baby products, not advertisements, and the idea that gifts will become a concept, not the focus, as we support future moms and dads on their journey into parenthood.

And when you combine the two, Grow Maple and Poppylist, you’re equipped with exactly what you need as your family grows. Together, we’re focusing on support and utility vs. accumulating stuff. And more importantly, enabling you to ask for help so you can get more done as a family.

Getting Started with Grow Maple

Before we dive in to building your baby registry, let’s make sure you have the desktop or mobile app for Grow Maple. Click here to download, or search ‘Maple - Family Management’ in the app store. Maple is available on Android in the Google Play Store, too.

Download Grow Maple in the App Store

Once you’ve downloaded the app on your mobile or desktop (or both), here are some helpful steps we recommend taking to receive the full benefits of Maple.

Invite your household members: And anyone who you rely on for occasional help. By doing this, you can coordinate tasks and events, easily assign help and collaborate with each other.

Sync your Google calendar: This way, you’ll never lose sight of external meetings and appointments.

Use topic folders: Keep your household organized in topics where everyone can communicate and stay on the same page around what needs to happen.

Share Gratitude: Show your appreciation by using the gratitude button. It’s a free mood booster for everyone!

Use your "Personal Planning Topic: As a private space to leave yourself notes and coordinate your own personal tasks.

Building Your Baby Registry the Maple Way

Now that your Grow Maple app is up and running, select ‘Get Help’ inside the app to view all the Maple marketplace helpers. As you’re going through their vetted and trusted resources, here are some things you can begin to consider as it relates to building your Poppylist baby registry.

Beyond baby products, what do I— the parent, need?  Think about this for the baby’s entire first year. What services can you can register for that’ll make your household more efficient and feel more manageable? What’s the number one task that feels like a burden? If this is food, consider adding a gift card from YUMI, a helper in the Maple marketplace that sends freshly made baby foods directly to your doorstep.

If you’re the birthing parent, what services can you register for that will aid in your recovery? IE: Postpartum box, access to online therapy, virtual pelvic floor specialist appointments, resources for maternal wellness, etc. Several of these options can be found within the Maple marketplace.

Can I save money by buying this item second-hand? Expect to have items on your baby registry that don’t get purchased. Before you go and buy these, take a look at one of Maple’s helpers, GoodBuyGear. You can search their gently used and open-boxed items for a fraction of the cost.

How can I re-use this item when my baby no longer needs it? IE: A diaper bag. Can you buy a non-traditional diaper bag so that you get as much longevity as possible? A poppylist favorite is the gender-neutral, fanny pack meets diaper bag by Kibou.

What challenges have other parents faced, and how can I register for products/services that will help me overcome those easier? For example, sleep. Within the Maple marketplace, you can book services through an app called Tinyhood and receive expert-led, on-demand courses for every step of the parenting journey.

It’s no surprise Poppylist believes your baby registry should not just be product-based for your baby. You— the parents, deserve to be equally considered and cared for in this process. By registering for items that support the parents and the household, you’re prioritizing your overall mental and physical health. When you share your baby registry with friends and family, you’re giving future parents permission to do the same, and it’s a visual representation to your community about the things you’re prioritizing inside your home.

Now that you’ve given equal weight to what everyone needs, let’s start your Poppylist baby registry. Once you complete the Poppylist quiz and create an account, you’ll have access to the entire Poppylist product and service catalog. Here are a few important things you should know about Poppylist:

Powered by parents. Every single product in our catalog has been sourced directly from a mom or dad. Unless it’s gone through our rigorous vetting process, and we can ensure it’s helped a parent, we will never recommend it to you.

Universal baby registry. This means you can add any product or any service so long as it’s available online.

Decide when gifts are delivered. Parents, you decide what gifts you want to be delivered, and when. We are proud to be the only baby registry platform to offer this service. For example: If you register for the Tinyhood Sleep Class, and someone secures this for you off your baby registry, you can redeem the gift at the time you’re ready to use it.

Need some inspiration to get started? We’ve created a demo Poppylist baby registry, built the Maple way, to show you how. Take a look, here!

Maple x Poppylist Partnership

And there you have it. A Poppylist baby registry, powered by Grow Maple and their marketplace of helpers, built to make your transition into parenthood 10x easier.

Ready to try it for yourself?

If you’re not expecting a baby, we’d love for you to share this article with someone you know who is. If you’re a veteran family with a household that needs more help, skip the baby registry and dive straight into the Grow Maple app. Life these days can feel unpredictable, disruptive and stressful. There’s finally a tool that can help you lift some of that burden and share the load. Perry, a father of two, has built the solution for not only his family, but for yours.

Maple. Parenting is hard. Together is easier. Poppylist. Baby registries, simplified.