Four founders x five wish-list items each = 20 gifts for you to give or receive. (Or let’s be honest, gift to yourself!) Our 2021 Poppylist holiday gift guide roundup this year includes our co-founders Sarah and Tamiz, plus two more parent founders, Kim Jolasun of Villie and Michael Perry of Grow Maple. True to the Poppylist ethos, it’s a collection of items that puts sustainability, ease, quality, and style at the forefront, at a variety of price points to suit almost every budget.

  1. Sarah Hollingsworth, Founder, Poppylist

The 4th Trimester Nesting Bundle from Hatch Collection A robe with pockets is a must-have for a new mom. I have a robe, but I tend to overheat in it. Since I hope to nurse my baby through the Texas spring and summer, I need something that’s a little bit more lightweight, and something that I’d even feel comfortable in walking with her outside. This set definitely helps me accomplish that. Not to mention, it can be worn for years to come. $298

AirPods (3rd Generation) I still use the original Apple headphones with the lightning cable, which ironically, my two-year-old pulls out of my ears at lightning speed. It’s time to upgrade to a product that doesn't tangle and is easier to travel with. The real trick will be keeping them out of the washing machine. $179

Dagne Dover Wade Tote Bag I’m starting to think about the most efficient way to travel on the go with two kids, and this diaper bag will allow for all of us to store exactly what we need. It’s gender-neutral and I know my husband will be more than comfortable carrying this as well. Not to mention, I always search for products that can be used well beyond the intended stage—and this bag meets all those needs. $200

Purity Coffee Subscription Consciously sourced, sustainable, carefully-grown coffee shipped directly to my door on a monthly schedule is exactly what a mom of two needs. $19 per month

Alo Soho Pullover Sweatpant Set I work from home, and I plan to have my newborn home with me for the first six months, so comfort will be key. We’ll both be adjusting to a new normal, and I tend to feel my best when I’m settled in at home in something that makes me feel good. $192

Tamiz Ahmed, Co-Founder, Poppylist

3-in-1 Child Sports Set This is the definition of an adult’s gift masquerading as a children’s toy. As an avid basketball fan, I can’t wait to introduce my daughter to the sport but refuse to bring the traditional, gaudy Fisher-Price hoop into my home. The aesthetic of this set ensures my wife will let my daughter play with this for many years to come. $77

MasterClass Subscription I’ve always been a fan of online courses, that is how I learned to code after all, but my typical online courses are all focused on career development. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve uncovered so many other topics I’m interested in such as fitness, cooking, and fashion, but rarely have the time to learn more about these subjects. MasterClass is the perfect solution given the expert advice on a wide range of topics accessible on whichever platform is most convenient. $15-23 per month

Theragun Mini Massage guns are nothing new, but as an active dad who isn’t a professional athlete, the standard massage guns simply seem way too bulky for my needs. The Theragun Mini seemingly solves that problem, while still providing enough power to heal those achy muscles. $199

Cliq Chair As a dad, I’m often on carrying-all-of-the-things duty and am always on the lookout for more portable versions of common items we lug around. Multiple friends of mine have been raving about these water bottle-sized chairs (yes, you read that right) and can confirm they are as comfortable as can be while being ultra-portable. $139, currently on sale for $99.99

Buck Mason Tees Having a little one around adds a lot of friction to my day, so having one less decision to make is always preferred. I’ve been on the hunt for the “perfect t-shirt” for a while now, and Buck Mason seems to be the fan-favorite. Having mastered the t-shirt, they’ve now expanded into all articles of clothing, and recently debuted a women's line as well. $35

Kim Jolasun, Founder of Villie

Kim Jolasun is a mom and the founder of Villie, a company that builds digital products that connect expecting parents with their loved ones for support. Currently, she’s expecting her second child, so her wish list includes practical items she wishes she had the first time around, with an emphasis on sustainability and outsourcing help when possible.

Willow Breast Pump Having pumped for 9 months with my last baby, usually plugged into a wall with a mechanical pump for most of the day, I am SO EXCITED to try the willow pump so I can have flexibility. I need to be able to pump and MOVE (aka, chase after my 4-year-old)! $499.99

Coterie Diaper subscription With the amount of money this brand of diapers has probably spent on me on Instagram advertising in the last 6 months, I think it is only right to give these diapers a spin! Auto-renew subscription is $81 for a 6-week supply.

Moriondo coffee maker & subscription Double the babies, double the coffee. Moriondo is a sustainable coffee membership club with a mission to reduce the amount of coffee plastic consumption. Home subscriptions start at $80 per month.

One Tough Mother Care Kit Self-care this time around is the most important. And I want to try all the products without the hassle and waste. Subscription options and price points vary.

Michael Perry, Founder of Grow Maple

Michael is a dad and founder of Grow Maple, the free app that makes parenting easier with tools to work together, manage your household, and get help. His children are out of the baby stage, so his list focuses on gifts that make it easier to have experiences with his young sons.

An Almond R-Series Surfboard I love that Almond makes these surfboards out of recycled material! It also is a wax-free board, which is great for the ocean. I have an 8-foot board already, but would love to add a 6’4 board! $499

Front Runner Roof Racks for my Defender 110 I am SO excited about taking my boys camping, surfing, and on snow trips. Hard to pack everything into our car, so hoping Santa brings me roof racks. $1,005

MasterClass Subscription Always curious, and love to learn new things. Especially cooking classes. $15-23 per month

Audio-Technica Record Player I absolutely love listening to vinyls and would love to share that experience with my sons. $329

Manduka Pro Yoga Mat I am determined to get more flexible and back in shape. Setting a 2022 goal to get into Yoga! $129