Stay Hydrated: 5 Water Bottles Our Breastfeeding Moms Love

Sarah Hollingsworth

We're ditching the plastic water bottles and bringing you the best of the best glass, silicone, stainless steel, BPA-free, and phthalate-free hydration bottles to make drinking your water chic and easy while helping you meet all your hydration goals! We know you won't want to leave the house without your baby, and now you won't want to leave without your daily water bottle companion. We're here to help you maintain optimal hydration while nursing or pumping, and we know it'll be easily achievable (and more fun) with one of these cult favorites.

Did we mention that these water bottles fit into a diaper bag? We know— you're welcome!

Continue reading to see our thirst-quenching favs.

The Best Gallon Jug: The Juggler Water Bottle by Asobu, $39.99

The best gallon jug water bottler
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If you're looking to up your water intake or need to maintain adequate hydration while breastfeeding or pumping, this is the perfect water bottle. The Mint Juggler is the best gallon jug on the market. Its lightweight water bottle was designed with an easy handle to keep you hydrated all day long. The straw's included for easier access to your water. The only downside to this gallon water bottle is its hand wash only.

The Best Daily Water Bottle: Stanley Adventure Quencher Travel Tumbler, $30-$85

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If there were such a thing as a mom water bottle, this would be it! A cult favorite among parents, the Stanley Quencher ranges in four convenient sizes and ranks at the top of the list for preferred water bottles. The company that invented the all-steel vacuum bottle in 1913, Stanley, continues to innovate with this transportable tumbler. Since this is a stainless steel water bottle, it's perfect for everything from morning coffee to post-workout smoothies. The quencher was designed for on-the-go sipping and busy moms! The three-position lid with reusable straw makes it easy to transition from iced beverages to piping-hot brews. Who doesn't like making hydration chic?

A quick hydration tip for our breastfeeding mamas—  drink just over 3 of these a day to reach a gallon!

The Most Versatile Water Bottle: YETI Rambler Straw Cup, $35

best water bottle
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The OG of durable, stainless steel water bottles is the YETI Rambler. A water bottle built for adventure and one that stands the test of time for growing toddlers and children. This cup will keep moms hydrated while nursing from dusk to dawn. We love the versatility of this daily water bottle, knowing it'll keep water cold all day, it'll keep the tea warm in the evenings, and it'll store comforting bone broth at the perfect temperature to help nourish your body. Did we mention it fits in your cup holder? A game changer for moms who need a trip to Target or anywhere else outside the house!

The Best Looking Water Bottle: The Big Smooth by BKR, $48

best water bottles
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No one can describe this bottle better than the BKR team themselves:

"This is where we'll tell you a little bit more about why we're not just a glass water bottle and why you just found your hydration soulmate and the thing that's about to become the best thing you've ever owned. First, definition and pronunciation: bkr /beak·er/ˈbēkər/ noun 1) the endlessly refillable, beautifully sustainable, original cult favorite glass water bottle (named after the glass container from chemistry class); 2) the very first ever lip balm water bottle (the "kiss kit"), and; 3) dishwasher safe, holds no scent, clean, clear, loved. But WHY SO LOVED? You kind of have to own one to understand. bkr is a magical accumulation of little details that together feel like luxury. It's like the perfect t-shirt of water bottles. It's soft and pretty, it feels right and fits right, you want it in every color, it's effortless, you can't help but love it, and it becomes an extension of you."

Technically your new baby is an extension of you, but you can make room for this everyday water bottle, too!

The Best Barista Approved Bottle: Bottle & Cup by Hitch, $68 (pre-orders)

best water bottle
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Meet the first full-size daily water bottle with a removable, barista-approved cup (and lid!) hidden inside. Our environmentalist parents love that they can replace bulky reusables and single-use plastic waste with this carry-it-all one-hand wonder that goes everywhere you and your baby do. You'll need three hands when you only have two, so quickly put your full cup into the locking cupholder on top and tend to that sweet baby of yours!

Happy hydrating, mamas!