The parenthood journey is filled with countless moments of joy, laughter, and milestones that are too precious to be forgotten. On the contrary, there are plenty of moments I'd be happy to forget, too!

Like when I walked into my youngest daughter's room, and she had taken off her diaper and smeared her poop on the walls and sides of her crib. Or when my oldest flipped off her scooter, split open her chin, and got her first set of stitches. Maybe I'll look back at these memories in a few years and laugh, but I'm not there yet.

Then life happens, and so do precious moments I'm fearful I'll forget. Like watching my daughters play tag for the first time, Zoey's first words, Amelia's first soccer game, and their first day together at the same school. Luckily for us busy parents, a service finally exists to help us document the memories and moments in between— meet Qeepsake.

What is Qeepsake?

App View of Qeepsake

Qeepsake is an innovative app designed to easily help families capture, store, and document memories from their children's everyday lives. It combines the beauty of scrapbooking with the ease of technology to provide a seamless experience for preserving moments. For better or worse, we're the generation using our phones for everything, and Qeepsake has tapped into tech for the better.

Users receive text messages with questions about their children and their experiences, prompting them to reflect and respond. These responses are then compiled into a beautifully bound book, serving as a tangible keepsake for years.

Some of my favorite prompts from Qeepsake have been:

  • Does Amelia have a signature dance move?
  • When was Zoey happiest today?
  • Were there other names you considered for Amelia?
  • What are two words that describe Zoey's personality?

There's no pressure to reply right away, either. If you don't respond to the text messages, you can go into the app and answer them later. Lately, I've found myself on the couch with my husband after the girls have gone to bed, and we answer the questions together. It's a nice change of pace for us, and the questions from Qeepsake turn into deeper conversations for my husband and me.

4 Reasons Why Qeepsake is the Perfect Gift

  1. Easy and Convenient: With busy schedules, new parents often struggle to find time to document every significant moment (guilty!) But what I love most is how Qeepsake solves this by conveniently integrating the memory-keeping process into daily life via texts.
  2. Nurtures Family Bonds: Qeepsake's thoughtful questions encourage parents to reflect on their experiences, fostering deeper connections within the family. Plus, you're sure to get a few laughs in when you're reminiscing about the crazy thing your baby did or that one time you peed so hard laughing during your pregnancy.
  3. Lasting Keepsake: The final product is a high-quality, beautifully bound book designed to last, allowing generations to relive precious memories. You can order more than one copy, too— consider your in-law's birthday and Christmas gifts done!
  4. Ideal for Expecting Parents: Expecting parents can start their Qeepsake journey early, documenting their entire journey to parenthood. You can upload photos into the app, too, like your ultrasound pics, bump pics, your gender reveal, baby shower, and so much more. Adding a Qeepsake subscription is the perfect baby registry item, too.

The Best Things In Life Are Free (or a Qeepsake subscription)

When selecting a gift for new and expecting parents, Qeepsake stands out as a present with profound emotional value. Unlike material gifts that may lose their relevance or a toy with an obnoxious sound that the parent will surely toss after six months, a Qeepsake book is timeless.

There's a good reason why more than 700,000 users trust Qeepsake, with over 50 million memories recorded. Try it today, or give someone in your life a gift they'll never forget (or throw away)!