It's almost Mother's Day.

A day most of us pretend not to care about, but deep down inside, most of us long for recognition, to be seen, appreciated and heard. Sure, gifts are thoughtful, loving, and sometimes meaningful, but don't let this be the only day of the year you shower the mom in your life with love, affirmation and support. We need it daily. We need it to keep going. We need help. 

Even if we look like superheroes, we still need our sidekicks. So, if you're looking for a gift for the mom figure in your life, look no further than here. But first, tell her how much you value and appreciate her—then get to shopping!

For the Happiest In The Home Mom

Moms know one thing, and it's where they feel the most comfortable (and where they don't). And for many, that's right inside their own home (I'm this mom 75% of the time). And if we enjoy being inside the house, there's a good chance we enjoy cooking (or at least the idea of)! Partners, The Essential Capsule from Brightland will make a thoughtful gift, and it'll brighten the flavor (and mood) of any meal! Take it one step further and pair the duo oil and vinegar collection with a Pasta Night Gift Box from Shop Box Fox. The gift box is way better than a gift card!

In addition to cooking essentials, what mom wouldn't love updated photos of her family or a new coffee table book for her home? Take the task off the mom's plate and print/frame updated portraits for her home— trust us, she will love this! Explore all the Mother's Day Photo Gifts from Artifact Uprising, and get to printing!

Fresh food, fresh photos, and fresh air— another great gift option for mom is any plant from The Sill's easy-care collection. Moms have enough care to give, so give them something beautiful (and air purifying) to look at with these low-maintenance plant picks.

For The Sleep Deprived Mom (is she all of us?)

Sleep can be hard to come by in the first few years as a new mom, but even as your kid sleeps for longer stretches, you deserve to upgrade your rest. Here are four items you need for a five-star night's rest— you might even think you're at a five-star hotel!

First up, My Tea Drop Tea Trip. One box of their three best-selling USDA Organic Tea Drops includes Citrus Ginger, Sweet Peppermint, and Rose Earl Grey. Thirty delicious servings of pressed-leaf, uber-convenient tea. How convenient? Simply drop the tea into warm water, and off you go—no steeping of the teabag.

These sleep gummies were created by a mom of three, so you know they've been tested and approved. When you need some assistance with the quieting of the mind, consider some ZZZ support with the Lemme Sleep Gummies. Lemme gummies are the perfect blend of Melatonin, Magnesium, L-Theanine, Lavender and Chamomile.

So, can we really chieve rest, silence, and darkness? We can try. But if you can't block out the controlled chaos inside your home, at least block out the light with the Slipsilk Sleep Mask. It's a splurge, but your beauty rest deserves the best.

Above all, it's no secret that hydration is key to your sleep. This LARQ Water Bottle is a revolutionary portable water filtration system that combines a high-performance Nano Zero filter with a seamless, low-pressure drinking experience. Take hydration into your own hands, and clip the bottle directly onto your purse or diaper bag. Did we mention it's self cleaning? You're welcome!

For the Mom Who Needs Some Vitamin D

We know the sun is healing, but its damage can last longer than the four-month sleep regression. Before you step outside for your adventure, ensure you're protected with Supergoop's Everyday SPF Faves. This kit features a travel-ready skincare & beauty bestsellers with daily SPF protection in glowy & natural finishes, plus an on-the-go bag!

Even if you aren't escaping near water, a good towel is a must-have for a quiet place to sit and have some R&R. So, slow down and sit down with a Slowtide towel. This pick is more than just good looks. At 40 x 70 inches, it can easily fit two or more sunbathers (assuming you want the company)! Another reason why we love this towel? It's made from sustainable recycled cotton, so it's better for the earth.

"A friend of mine did a scavenger hunt for his wife, and she loved it. Hints that led to her face coffee shop, a donut shop, etc. (the kid/s) can be involved. Then she ended up at a spa, and she got to have a spa day while he took the baby."

Think your partner is willing to plan a scavenger hunt? Mine either. But if you think he/she is up for the challenge, tell them to either book your spa services directly, or look into ResortPass to get the pool, spa, and amenity access at the best hotels and resorts near you. Pro tip: Don't make the mom plan or book anything.

For The Shaken, Not Stirred Mom

Partners, set your bar higher this year with Drink Haus. Haus is complex in flavor, lower in alcohol, and ideal to sip all evening. It's the perfect options for moms who still need to mom in the morning. They also make their apéritifs with only real ingredients, so there's no wrong choice. We recommend the Drink Haus Citrus Flower! A toast to you, mama!

For the shaken, no stirred mom that prefers her drink non-alcoholic, then meet your new wing woman, Betty Buzz. "Mixers are the unsung heroes of the drink world and deserve just as much love as alcohol," says Blake Lively— and we couldn't agree more.

On 3...One, Two, Three! "One For All Moms— Happy Mother's Day!"

Motherhood comes in all forms— biological moms, stepmoms, bonus moms, aunt that are like your mom, mom-like figures, etc. This list has you covered no matter what kind of mom you're shopping for this year. And remember— for mom, it's always the thought that counts. And at the end of the day, she will love anything that comes from you. Just don't forget to celebrate her on Mother's Day (May 9) and every day.