Back in July of 2020, I had this idea about product longevity. How could we take a traditional baby product or nursery item and reuse it once it's outgrown its purpose? I was looking around my daughter's room for inspiration, and my eyes locked on her mobile. A gold, metal mobile with moons and stars, hanging above her changing table. That's when I knew we'd start there.

The first person I called was Grace, owner and designer of Flower Clvb. A floral design studio serving Philadelphia and Brooklyn.

As a mom of two, Grace understood the idea and concept right away. Her own personal and business values align with the concept of reusing products, and finding creative ways to extend their use beyond the small window that it’s needed for the baby or the nursery. Challenging the ways art is made and consumed is part of the ethos by which Grace approaches floral design. Because of this, I knew she was the perfect person to create a fresh take on the traditional mobile nursery.

Within minutes, our collaboration was born.

"The mobile includes a combination of silk and artificial flowers mirroring the spring blooms you might find growing outside. Poppies, mimosa, tulips, hollyhock and eucalyptus dance together as they dangle down from the spherical structure holding them together. The mobile helps you and your baby to connect with nature through each unique bloom. This mobile is a one of a kind hand-crafted piece designed by Floral Designer, Grace McDonald of Flower Clvb.”

A conversation with Grace McDonald

Q: What was your inspiration for getting into flower design?

  • I love that floral design is an art form that utilizes nature as its primary medium. Floral design brings honor to others as well as the earth and I appreciate the celebratory context that flowers have in the places they occupy.

Q: As a mother and business owner, how do you find the balance between the two?

  • Not going to lie, finding balance between mothering and running a business is TOUGH. Going outside once or twice a day rain or shine and allowing myself to disconnect with work and be fully present with my children is my lifeblood. Also, there are times when I do not start work until 8:30pm at night after the kids have gone to bed. Sometimes I see my kids making a huge mess out of the baking supplies and say to myself, "I am going to let them make this mess and send my email.I will clean it up later." Finding the balance is a daily journey and I am taking suggestions.

Q: What's one thing about floral design that you wish people knew?

  • The design element is only 15-25% of the job. Planning for events, communicating with clients, preparing and processing flowers, selecting the right blooms for the occasion and ensuring they are cared for properly is the other 75% of running a floral design business. I love all elements of the job but especially the design aspect!

Q: What would you tell a parent who's looking to start their own small business?

  • Just start. It will never seem like the right time. An idea will always be an idea until it is put into action. It is better to move forward with your vision and realize that the idea is not feasible rather than having never tried at all. Do not let fear get in the way of starting your business. Start small and grow.

Q: What's one thing about being a mother that makes you proud?

  • One thing about being a mom that makes me proud is the ways I see my children care for others. As a working mother, it is true that 100% of my attention is not always given to my children. Whether I am cooking dinner or sending an email, sometimes I have to let my children play in safe independence. The most important quality I can instill into my children is kindness to others and confidence in themselves and when I see them encouraging others or showing others care when they are down, this makes me feel reassured that even though I am not doing things perfectly, I am doing a few things well.

Grace McDonald

Flower Clvb is a floral design studio owned by designer, Grace McDonald. Her work offers a fresh connection back to nature by creating flower arrangements sourced from a mix of local farmers & the highest quality imported blooms.

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