This article was updated in January 2024

Despite our best efforts, it can be challenging to prioritize our overall well-being. All day and all night, we’re focused on caring for our children, our homes, our loved ones, and even the delivery person you left a box of snacks for on your front porch. We stay hyper-vigilant, assessing everyone’s safety and health while often neglecting ours. In a society that makes motherhood seem simple and the ever-attainable “bounce back” culture of pre-pregnant bodies, it can make the simplest thought of wanting to prioritize our health a monumental, exhausting mind-fuck. Pardon my language, but you know it’s true.

But what if, for a moment, we decided not to feel shame? What if, instead, we stopped following people on social media who made us feel like crap and decided to stop comparing our life, bodies, and healthy habits to those of complete strangers? What would your daily life feel like? I know what mine would look like, and I want to share it with you.

When I think about goals for 2023, they include feeling more joy. I want to feel better when I wake up in the morning and have my energy sustained throughout the day for trips to the park after I pick up my daughter from school. I’d like to decompress in a healthier way at night, with tea instead of wine. I want to create a bedtime routine. I want to feel free when I say no, instead of guilty. And I know all of these goals are possible for me, and if you share any of them, I know they’re possible for you, too.

With help from experts, I research from Google’s Top 100 Most Searched Products of 2022, and feedback from our community of moms, here are the Top 13 things that will help kickstart your health and wellness goals in 2023. Let’s flourish together.

Here are the Top 100 most researched Google products of 2023.

Top 13 Products to Jumpstart Your Health and Wellness Goals in 2023:

Best Versatile Weight Set: Bala Bangles

Shop Bala Banlges Set

If you enjoy taking your baby for walks in the stroller, strap these bangles on your ankles to boost your intensity. You can also use them as arm/ankle weight while doing errands. They're subtle and chic looking, and there's no shame in sneaking in some extra resistance when you can!

Best Book to Create Better Habits: Atomic Habits by James Clear

Buy Atomic Habits

Moms, what if there was a book that gave us practical, tangible ways to make our life more efficient and purposeful without adding to the overwhelm? Well, there is. Atomic Habits is packed with evidence-based strategies to teach you how to make small changes with significant impacts. My favorite concept from this book is called Habit Stacking, and I can't wait for you to read it!

Best Product to Ease Soreness: Theragun Mini Electric Massage Gun

Buy Theragun Min

Are you sore from being on your feet all day? Do your shoulders hurt from tensing up at your kid's 100 questions of the day? Do you have a clogged duct? Are you just tired and sore from being a mom? Then the Theragun will be your best weapon to help ease soreness. It's small enough to fit in your diaper bag, so this is essential, just like wipes!

Best Product for a Full Body Workout: Yes4All 15 lb. Kettlebell

Buy Kettlebell

Give this kettlebell 20 swings, and you'll feel like you've exercised for an entire hour. And if all you have in your day is 15 minutes, this one piece of equipment will quickly become your new workout best friend. You can do endless total body workouts with a kettlebell, and you can search for all of them on YouTube. You won't work up a sweat faster with anything else— happy sweating out all those toxins!

Best Journal to Track Your Goals: BestSelf Self Journal

Buy Journal

This is the perfect journal for you if you like to have your goals and tasks visually written out. You can keep this on your bedside table to visualize and check off your goals— the perfect way to start and end your day.

Best Versatile Athleisure Wear: Outdoor Voices, The Exercise Dress

Shop Exercise Dress

This dress will give you an effortless look you've been waiting for without making getting dressed in the morning feel like a burden. It hugs your beautiful body in all the right places, and its built-in bra gives you all-day support and comfort. What more could you ask for in a dress? Move on the go and feel beautiful while doing it!

Best Overall Bath Soak for Relaxation: Ancient Minerals Magnesium Bath Flakes

Buy Bath Soak

Maybe one of your goals isn't to exercise, maybe it's more on the self-care side. If that's more your speed right now, you'll want to buy this magnesium bath soak. When the kids are in bed, fill up a warm bath with these. Your body will melt in relaxation, and you'll set yourself (hopefully) up for a great night's rest.

Best Work From Home Mental Health Hack: Under Desk Walking Pad

Buy Walking Pad

I know how hard it can be to exercise, especially if you need to drive to a studio or gym. If leaving the house is challenging, consider purchasing this under a desk walking pad. It has saved me mentally this year! Being able to walk during a video meeting or when I need to complete simple admin tasks for work, it's been my number one mental health and productivity hack of the year.

Best Simple Skincare : Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser + Futuredew

Shop Set

When I suffered postpartum depression, doing simple hygiene tasks felt hard. And if there's one piece of advice I can give you, it's this: Girl, wash your face! As new moms, we must take a moment to do somethng essential for ourselves, even if it's as simple as washing our faces. If you only use three products a day, these are the ones: Glossier's Milk Jelly Cleanser, Moisturizer, and Lip Balm. Trust me. You won't regret it.

Best Product to Relieve Tension: ProsourceFit Acupuncture Mat & Pillow

Buy Mat

Do you know those moments in motherhood when you're on the verge of a breakdown and NEED a minute? Take that minute, but do it on this acupuncture mat. Work through a couple of breaths, reset, and then return to mothering. We're better when we take the moments we need at the exact moment we need them. And this mat will be a lifesaver to help us relieve stress.

Best Product to Jumpstart Cardio: Tangle Free Jump Rope

Buy Jump Rope

If you prefer cardio to weights, then a jump rope is a must-have! It takes us virtually no space, and you can sneak in a jumping cardio session while your kids are napping or playing at the park. If you have an older kid, you can buy them a jump rope and make this a fun activity together!

Best Wind Down Tea After Bedtime Routine: DROPS, Citrus Ginger Tea

Shop DROPS Tea

If you're looking to reduce your caffeine intake or looking for a healthier alternative to alcohol, we love the options from DROPS tea, specifically citrus ginger. Since there's no steeping a tea bag, you can take the drops on the go, and they dissolve great in any warm liquid of choice, like milk or water.

Entering the New Year

Wherever you are in your journey, there is always time to start, try again, or take a break. You deserve a life that's abundantly healthy in whatever way that looks to you.

Happy New Year!