Creating your baby registry does not have to be the most stressful part of pregnancy! You can read articles and blogs for hours, but it is hard to know what is essential. I’ve been there. 

Despite working with moms every day, I stressed over the details…what are the best baby registry items? What will I actually use? What am I forgetting? Let’s dive into the highly practical, yet often overlooked baby registry items that deserve a spot on your must-have list.

How Many Items Should Be on a Baby Registry?

The number of items on your baby registry can vary, but aim for a wide variety of items that covers your baby's needs for the entire first year and on. Don’t forget to add some items for yourself and other caregivers.

A good starting point is around 50-75 items. This allows your friends and family to choose from a range of options while ensuring you receive what you truly need.

Make sure to choose items with a variety of price points, even if the items seem inexpensive! This helps friends and family that have different budgets.

What baby registry items do I actually need?

There are a few items that are absolutely essential, including:

  • A safe place to sleep like a crib or bassinet. Many parents want both!
  • A car seat and an extra base if you have 2 vehicles.
  • A stroller or even two. Consider one that is lightweight and easy when you are on-the-go and another that is sturdy and good for longer walks or runs. Curious about the bassinet attachmenbt for your stroller? Read this.
  • Feeding supplies like bottles. I recommend adding at least two types of bottles in case your baby has a strong preference for one over another.
  • A changing table and different sized diapers. Make sure the changing table is tall enough so you don’t have
  • A few clothing options. Choose different sizes, but don’t forget to consider the season that your baby will be in at different ages!
  • Baby care items like a thermometer, nail files, and butt paste.
  • A diaper bag that is versatile so that each caregiver can use it.
  • A breast pump that supports your lifestyle.

After you add the essential items, don’t forget these important and underrated items!

Top 10 Underrated Baby Registry Items: 

  1. A versatile nursing and pumping bra like Kindred bravely to support you during your feeding journey. Kindred Bravely also has feeding friendly clothing and cute delivery gowns.
  2. A diaper pail that locks in odor like the Ubbi Pail. Bonus: it doesn’t require special bags so it is one less to think about! 
  3. A durable and wipeable changing table like the Skip Hop Changing Table. It has a safety strap for when your baby starts to roll and hanging toys to keep their hand’s occupied. 
  4. It may seem like a small item, but don’t forget a Baby bum butt spatula! It makes applying diaper cream so much easier.
  5. There is nothing harder than clipping tiny baby nails. An electric nail file makes the job easy and safe.
  6. Most parents choose to put a high chair on the registry. You will not regret choosing a high chair that is easy-to-clean like the Abiie. It promotes good posture for safe eating and can be used for years as your baby gets older.
  7. Doordash or meal delivery giftcards. There will be days when you don’t want to cook or do dishes. They make your life much easier on days when you are so tired.
  8. Feeding and sleep support: Gifting feeding or sleep help can offer support throughout the entire first year and on.
  9. A tummy time pillow and mirror like the Boppy to help your baby actually enjoy tummy time! 
  10. A sound machine for home and on the go. The Hatch sound machine is popular for a reason, but don’t forget a sound machine for when you are on the go or traveling like the Bohm.

Tips for building a balanced baby registry for both parents

Open communication is key when building a balanced baby registry for both parents. Make sure both parents are involved in choosing items that work for the whole family.

Consider any preferences for a certain look or aesthetic when choosing products and make sure you consider options that are comfortable for each of you. For example, choose a baby carrier that can be adjusted for different heights and body types. A stroller with an adjustable handle can make both parents more comfortable while going on walks or runs.

Items for you and your partner are often forgotten. Adding some self-care items can make you feel like you again! Focus on items that will make your lives easier as parents. For instance, if you don’t have a great vacuum cleaner, now is the time to add it to the list. Kids are messy and it will pay off and save you time. While you’re at it, consider adding a Little Green upholstery cleaner. I hope your baby doesn’t spit up on your couch, but it is there if your baby does!

Consider your interests and hobbies and add some registry items both you and your baby can enjoy together. Do you have a love for the outdoors? Consider a baby carrier that is great for hiking. Do you love a certain sports team? Add a mascot lovey or a soft baby blanket with the team logo on it.

Creating a baby registry can be exciting, but it's important to consider the essentials and those often-overlooked gems that can make your parenting journey smoother. Happy registry building!

About the Author

Erin Moore is a pediatric nurse practitioner and lactation counselor who believes all moms deserve support throughout their baby's entire feeding journey wherever it takes them.