*This article was updated in January 2023*

If you walk inside any major retailer that sells baby products, you'll see very little images on product labels that represent the dad or the non-birthing partner. It's almost entirely the mom. And in most cases, the image is only of the mom and the baby. Which leads me to wonder, why? Why are we still perpetuating this idea that mom does everything? Why are we still seeing images everywhere that discretely and harmfully instill this message? In many cases, this leaves out the narrative that women have a willing and supportive partner, and we need to include them if we're going to work on sharing the load as parents. Yes, even in images. We need the dad or partner included.

Inspired by a Reddit thread, we polled our community and asked what must-have products dads need on their baby registries. Here are the best baby registry items for dad-to-be, according to our Poppylist parents.

Diaper Bags for Dads

The Everyday Diaper Backpack by Huhu

It's no surprise that men's restrooms don't usually come equipped with a changing station, which is hard to believe considering we're in 2022. So, dads, you're going to want a few changing accessories. But first, a diaper bag.

There are some tremendous gender-neutral diaper bags on the market today, and we've researched them for you. Here are our Poppylist parent's top recommendations: The Everyday Diaper Backpack by Huhu, the Dagne Dover Indie Diaper Backpack, Topo Designs Rover Pack, and Kibou Fanny Pack.

  1. Meet Huhu. The Everyday Diaper Backpack will make you feel (and look) organized, prepared, and damn near invincible. Designed with meticulously-thoughtful storage features, it fits all the things and ensures there's no hassle involved in accessing them at the drop of a hat. This bag was made to stand up to any adventure, and parenting will be your best.
  2. The Dagne Dover Indie Backpack carries everyday necessities and can even be a laptop backpack. It clips to a stroller, has a mini changing mat + extra pouches, and has pockets to hold small tablets and e-readers for the rare moments of peace and reading while your baby naps.
  3. The Topo bag has an exterior front pocket, and the top flap pocket gives quick access to smaller items like keys, wallet, pacifier, sunscreen, chapstick, etc. The side pockets can hold your water bottle, baby's bottle, or extra diapering gear as well.
  4. If you're confident in traveling light, then the Kibou Fanny Pack Diaper Bag is for you. It's a crowd favorite among our Poppylist parents, especially dads. The Deliberately Minimal Diaper Bag is designed to sit comfortably on your waist and go everywhere with you and your little one. Our two favorite features include a built-in waterproof pocket that holds 20+ wipes wet for up to one week (or a soiled onesie away from your other items) and a detachable changing pad that unfolds from the back flap.

If you ask us, the Kibou is an everyday must-have. We keep the fanny pack inside our diaper bag and throw it on while running errands. We like to be prepared, but we don't need to run into the grocery store with a big backpack. So the Kibou is the best of both worlds. You're prepared but not weighed down.

Lastly, we know it's not always easy to wash hands with a toddler (although we encourage you to try!), so here are some alternatives that'll do the trick. We love these individually wrapped wipes from Nature's Baby. They're slim enough for your pockets and easy to throw multiples into your diaper bag without taking up space. We also love the six-pack antibacterial hand wipes from Boogie Hands. Keep a pack in the car, in your bag, etc.

To recap on the diapering essentials for dad, you're going to want to register for:


Dad Holding his Son with Formula to Feed
Dad with Son and a Can of Organic Bobbie Formula

We can't predict how you and your partner will feed your baby, but depending on your circumstances, we recommend having formula on-hand just in case. Did you know that 83% of parents in the U.S. will turn to formula before their baby reaches the age of two? Our community of parents love Bobbie—  the first infant formula inspired by the EU and meets the U.S. FDA's nutritional requirements

"We exist to bring peace of mind to parenting by shifting the scrutiny of how we feed to what we feed. Simply put, if you choose to feed your little one formula, it should be undeniably good, and we will be here to support you whatever your decision. You are tirelessly devoted to your children, and we promise to match in our devotion to Bobbie." — Laura & Sarah, Founders of Bobbie

We recommend registering for the one-time purchase of four cans or their starter pack of two smaller cans. This way you're prepared to feed your baby should breastmilk not be available at any given moment. Still not sure it's right for you? Read what this Bobbie dad had to say.

Feeding Essentials

Dad Feeding Newborn with Comotomo Bottles

In addition to the formula, you'll want to make sure you have a good set of baby bottles (only two parts = easy to clean), a bottle cleaning brush, and if your partner is breastfeeding/pumping, you can register for an on-the-go bottle warmer.

If you're formula feeding, simple measure out the formula and put it inside the bottle, then heat up the amount of water you'll need and take it with you in a thermos. This way you won't need to find warm water when you're out and about.

If you want to splurge, our Poppylist parents love the BabyBrezza— AKA the Keurig for baby formula.

Baby Carrier

Poppylist Co-Founder, Tamiz, Holding His Daughter in an Ergo Baby Carrier

When you could use your hands to help your partner around the house, make a meal, or even wash your hands after a surprise blow-out, here are the safest and more comfortable options to guarantee you some hands-free moments.

Snuggle Me Organic lounger or the Dock a Tot. Babybjorn or Ergobaby baby carrier, Babybjorn bouncer or the 4Moms Baby Rocker. These options are Poppylist parent-approved and come highly recommended for the moments when you need your hands free and your baby kept safe.

For more information on using baby carrying products safely, please refer to this blog post that we wrote a few months back.

Smart Crib

Happy Baby inside a Cradlewise Crib

There are two smart cribs on the market that our community of parents swear by. It's an expensive product, but can you really put a price on sleep?

Our first smart crib is the SNOO. This smart crib guarantees you an extra 1-2 hours of sleep per night. Not buying it (pun intended)? Then try it out with their rental option first.

The second smart crib we recommended is Cradlewise. While there isn't a rental feature, the Cradlewise is the ultimate crib for longevity, meaning more bang for your buck. The 3-1 bassinet, crib and monitor grows with your baby from 0-24 months. Think of Cradlewise as your baby's sleep guardian for the first year.

If you're debating between these two smart cribs, we published this comparison article to help you decide which one is the best fit for your family.

Parenting Classes and Services

Tan France Holding his Baby

Poppylist baby registry allows parents to add services to their baby registries, not just products.

Two services our parents wished they'd registered for is a CPR class and a sleep class.

In true Poppylist fashion, we asked our parents which ones, and here are the recommended classed: (1) TinyHood, Safety 101: CPR and Choking Class and (2) Taking Cara Babies ABCs of Sleep. To make it easy, you can these services or gift cards from both companies to your Poppylist baby registry.