We know that digital “nesting” exists- and it exists in the form of curating (and sometimes obsessing over) the right set of baby items on your baby registry. We also know that you’ve carefully chosen a list of things that suit your taste, lifestyle, and needs- and have purposely left off items that just don’t feel necessary (or that you simply don’t like!). However, sometimes for whatever reason, friends and family veer off the registry. We get that this is frustrating for a number of reasons: 1) It can result in duplicate items 2) Sometimes others purchase things they love but that don't quite fit your vision. 3) You chose the items on there for a reason- and that should be reason enough.

So, how can you encourage them to #StickToTheList? Here are some creative, kind, funny, and lighthearted ways to gently nudge your loved ones towards your Poppylist baby registry:

Share a catchy poem

People love a clever rhyme! Craft a short, fun poem to include in your baby shower invitations or share on social media. It should subtly convey the message that you'd appreciate it if they stick to your registry. Here’s a starter poem that you’re welcome to personalize:

In just a few months our family will grow
And here is something we can’t wait to show
Each registry item has been chosen with care
To make our baby comfy, in their little lair.

No need to get crafty, our list has our picks
Just stick to the registry, don’t add to the mix.
Let's celebrate together, our baby's debut,
With our Poppylist registry, our wishes come true!

Make it personal & give context

Let your friends and family know that each item on your Poppylist registry was chosen with care and intention. Share a brief story or reason behind some of your favorite items to make the list feel more personal and meaningful. This will help them understand why sticking to the registry is important to you.

Use humor

A little humor goes a long way! Lighten the mood and make your request more memorable by adding a touch of wit to your communications. Share a funny anecdote about your own over-the-top excitement for the baby's arrival and how you've meticulously curated the perfect registry. You can even poke fun at yourself by saying something like, "You know how I can be a bit of a perfectionist, so you can imagine how many hours I’ve spent picking these items." By keeping the tone light-hearted and (semi) self-deprecating, you'll show your loved ones that you appreciate their support, while also gently nudging them to not get too creative.

Share the benefits of Poppylist

Tell them all the reasons why you love Poppylist (which is why we love it too!): 1) You decide when your items ship, so you can make sure you’re getting things delivered at the time you’ll actually need them. 2) Items on Poppylist are there not because brands have paid to be featured but because real parents find these selections actually valuable. We promise- they’ll see the light!

Show appreciation

Express your gratitude to those who follow your registry by sending personalized thank you notes after your baby shower. This gesture shows your loved ones that you noticed and appreciated their efforts to #StickToTheList.

Of course, do your best to maintain a gracious and lighthearted tone when encouraging your loved ones to shop from your Poppylist registry. We hope these strategies are creative and fun, and using them will increase the chances of receiving the gifts you truly want while keeping the process enjoyable for everyone involved. And if you get an extra item here and there, no biggie- but we hope they’re few and far between. #sticktothelist