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2023 Poppylist Holiday Gift Guide


The Editors

It's that time of year again, and I can't believe how quickly we seem to arrive at the holiday season. The air is cooling, the leaves are changing, and despite Mother Nature's plea for us to slow down, we tend to speed up. Between holiday parties, school events, work functions, and elaborate meals— when will you possibly have time to shop for everyone on your list?

That's where we come in. In true Poppylist fashion, we've curated our gift guide to include everyone under your roof: mom, dad, and toddler siblings. Plus, our editorial team curated 11 of the best gifts for older siblings.

Without further ado, we give you the  2023 Holiday Gift Guide. It's worth pointing out that our guides are curated free from outside bias and fleeting trends. Just the best gifts for the entire family. From all of us at Poppylist, we wish you a joyful holiday season.

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Gifts for New Moms

As a mom of two (4 and 1), I love curating this gift guide section. These are gifts I've received and absolutely loved, or gifts I've secretly sent to Santa, AKA my husband, Scott. If you're searching for gifts for the mom in your life, look no further than these.

Words by Sarah Hollingsworth
1. GRO Essentials Kit by Vegamour, $160
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If you're dealing with postpartum hair loss, I recommend trying Vegamour. Swapping out your shampoo and conditioner is easier than remembering to take a vitamin every day, and this little act of self-care works overtime for you and your hair. Vegamour claims to deliver real, visible results within 90 days, and I'm starting to believe them! Pro tips: I've also started sleeping on a silk pillowcase. I never fall asleep with wet hair, and I swapped out harmful hair ties for these damage-free ones. I'm on the quest for healthier, thicker hair post-baby, and these steps are all helping! Who wouldn't want the gift of beautiful hair?

2. Cool & Calm Set by/rosiejane, $38
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This is a survival product for new moms. And the packaging says it all. Being a new mom is hard AF. And when you're on edge, overstimulated, and just done for the day, it's time to dip into this relaxed and calming set, and it's the spa package I always gift to my friends and especially the mom who desperately needs some 'me' time.

"What mom doesn't need a moment to CALM THE F*CK DOWN?" says Caitlin Nelson, Poppylist customer and Mom to Jax (4) and Noa (1).
3. Qeepsake Premium Subscription, $95.88
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It’s a digital world, and everyone is innovating new ways to simplify all the things, including documenting baby milestones and the moments in between. Meet Qeepsake. The perfect gift born for new parents navigating the whirlwind of a baby's first year and beyond. Qeepsake has made capturing milestones effortless, prompting you with engaging questions that make memory-keeping as easy as replying to a text. But wait, you always forget to reply to your friends? Same here. But for whatever magical reason, this is the one text I never forget to respond to. My latest text prompt? “What’s a nickname for Zoey, and where did it come from?” When you're ready, these digital keepsakes transform into a beautiful book, making it the perfect two-for-one gift—snap one up for grandma, and you've got holiday shopping covered.

4. Everyday Diaper Bag by Huhu, $195
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"I love a messy and disorganized diaper bag.” Said no one, ever. There’s nothing worse than painstakingly packing your diaper bag, only to end up digging through it trying to find that one thing that you need to soothe your baby. Voted 'Best Diaper Backpack of 2023' by PureWow, Huhu’s new Everyday Diaper Backpack 2.0 is meticulously designed with clever organization features to keep you organized and ready for anything at the drop of a hat (...or shoe…or snack.) Available in two colorways, the Everyday Diaper Backpack also comes with two storage pouches and a changing pad.

Huhu is offering a Poppylist exclusive holiday promotion: buy a diaper backpack and get a free Go Anywhere Changing Wallet, valued at $55. PS, the changing wallet fits in a stocking! Plus, use code POPPYLIST10 for $10— tis the season for giving!
5. Midi Linen Dress by Sleeper, $290
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Hear me out, and hear me when I say— every new mom (especially a breastfeeding mom) needs this dress. It’s the only dress I’ve found that helps you look put together effortlessly. It’s loose on your healing postpartum body and doesn’t hug any unwanted area. Don’t know what to wear? It’s this dress. And it looks great with sneakers, sandals, Uggs and booties. Don’t know what to wear to school drop off and pick up? It’s this dress. The buttons make feeding your baby a bit easier, and the linen material makes wiping spit up off your clothes a breeze. I have this dress in navy, and I’m still wearing it 16 months post-baby.

Engage Earplugs by Loop, $34.95
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Finally, something on the market is helping parents minimize the moments where we think we’ll lose our sh*t—introducing Loop Ear plugs, offering parents up to 16 dB of filtered noise reduction. I love using these in the evenings, during the witching hour, or anytime your anxiety starts to rise. These take the edge off, and your sensory overload won’t peak in minutes, meaning you can keep your cool for longer. Gentle parenting doesn’t always work, but these certainly do. The packaging is small, so they make for the perfect stocking stuffer.

Gifts for New Dads

When it comes to giving and receiving gifts, I consider this my specialty! As husband to a loving wife and a dad to two daughters, I've given my fair share of gifts, and I love receiving thoughtful gifts from my family. Here are a few of my absolute favorites worth considering buying for the father figure in your life!

Words by Tamiz Ahmed
Butcherbox Subscription, $169-$146
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Butcher Box Subscription:  A ButcherBox subscription is a dream come true for any guy who takes his grilling seriously. I love that it takes the guesswork out of shopping and makes meal planning simpler for the entire family. Honestly, the subscription isn't just a gift; it's an experience that allows us to explore new recipes, perfect classic dishes, and cook for everyone else— yes, please!

Dad Gang Hat, $35
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If your partner has ever expressed interest in joining a gang (a nice one), then the Dad Gang hat is the perfect gift to make him feel like he's part of his own little crew. We love the gender-neutral colors on this hat, meaning it'll go with virtually anything in his closet. And when there's no time to shower out the bedhead, this will be the hat he reaches for!

Bombas Men's Socks Gift Box, $56 a set
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Dads, those late-night baby feedings and quick dashes to the store for diapers just got a little cozier. Slip into Bombas' ankle socks, expertly designed for comfort during those unexpected parent duties. With every pair purchased, Bombas gifts a pair to someone in need—the perfect, thoughtful gift for soon-to-be or new fathers navigating the round-the-clock world of parenthood.

Ergobaby 360 Carrier, $149-$179
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If dad didn't receive a carrier from your baby registry, then allow us to recommend the one our community of parents is obsessed with, The Ergobaby Omni 360. This versatile baby carrier enables new dads to carry their little ones in multiple positions. It's ergonomic for both baby and dad, and the design even includes a storage pouch. Dads can take their babies on walks and hikes or use the carrier for hands-free errands.

Unisex Gifts for Parents

Words by Sarah Hollingsworth

Restore 2 by Hatch, $199.99
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Great sleep can’t be forced. But it can be learned (and hopefully not interrupted by littles!) Restore 2 helps you form healthy sleep habits for life. It teaches your body when it’s time to sleep and when it’s time to rise with light and sound cues. It coaches you through meditations and mindfulness exercises that transforms the time before and after sleep into restful rituals. Gift (or shop) this bedside guide to your best natural sleep.

Little Puzzle Thing by Areaware, $15
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Welcome to your new favorite escape, new parents! The Areaware Little Puzzle Thing is a pocket of peace amid the beautiful chaos of parenting. Compact and quirky, it's the perfect quick-fix distraction during precious naps or a creative wind-down after a day of baby giggles and diaper changes—the ideal gift for the parent who deserves a sprinkle of serene puzzlement in their bustling new world.

Recess New Mood Sampler, $29.99
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Say hello to your little tin of tranquility. Recess's New Mood Sampler is the beverage buddy you didn't know you needed in this whirlwind of parenthood. Crafted for sips of relaxation, it's the refreshing pause in a can, giving new moms and dads a moment to recline and recalibrate. A versatile and thoughtful gift for any parent, it's a mood-lifting companion in this beautiful rollercoaster of raising a tiny human!

The Duo by Brightland, $74
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Dinner time just got an upgrade. Brightland's "The Duo" is a culinary savior for those quick-fix meals you whip up between naps. Whether drizzling over a salad, adding a finishing touch to pasta, or just dipping that artisan bread you managed to grab from the store (score!), "The Duo" transforms every meal into a gourmet experience. It's a taste of luxury in the busy world of parenting, making it the perfect, gender-neutral gift for those moments when mom and dad want to dine in style—even if it's just for a few minutes!

Recess Pickleball Classic Set, $172
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Calling all new parents with a penchant for brisk, snappy fun—it's time for a bit of Recess! Dive into Pickleball with this Essentials Set. Gift it to the energetic parent who's itching to turn those baby steps into quick steps on the court—Parenting is a game, so let's play!

Gifts for Big Brothers & Big Sisters

Understandably, a new baby can mean lots of baby gifts, newborn toys, and attention given to the new arrival. When there’s an older sibling at home, this is a massive change. It may take some extra attention, 1:1 time, some specific “special” moments carved out for that older sibling to realize that your love isn’t going anywhere, and that you’re still the best mommy/daddy…and gift-giver!

Words by Emily Greenberg
1. Crayola No-Mess Pad, $57.99
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This one is incredible. It really is no mess painting, and it really does feel magical (even to us as adults). Kiddos can press the paintbrush (or their fingers) into the "paint" pads and create free-form paintings on white paper. There is zero mess, and it is pretty hard to know how this thing works- but it does. Pro tip: close the cap and turn off the pad when not in use so it doesn't dry out. The only con is that you can only use the provided "wonder paper" for this activity, which can run out quickly- consider cutting the pages in half before giving them to your child.

2. Corolle Mon Premier Doll, $42.95
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For girls and boys! Every child should have a high-quality doll. Playing with a doll encourages pretend play and imaginative thinking and will help your older child feel involved with the actual baby they have at home. Older siblings often want to feel like they have a part to play with the new baby, and making them feel naturally included can be tricky. Are you breastfeeding the baby? Your older child can "bottle feed" their doll. Going on a walk with the baby? Your older child can push their doll in a pretend stroller. Not only are they working on playing pretend and stretching their creative thinking, but they are also working through a big transition that they are experiencing in a healthy way.

3. Magnatiles, $50
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Magnatiles are truly the gift that keeps on giving. They are magnetic tiles that can be connected easily to make any shape, structure, house, castle, car garage, town, etc. (as you can see, the list goes on). The beauty of Magnatiles is that no two structures are ever the same - there are endless ways to play. Another awesome thing is that your child's towers will fall (either on their own or they'll get knocked down by your baby, who will soon find it very fun to experiment with batting). That is GREAT. It will teach them resilience, frustration tolerance, conflict resolution, and a growth mindset. Magnatiles for the win. Always. There are also so many "off brand" magnetic tiles that work just as well and can be a bit more affordable.

4. SHASHIBO Shape Shifting Box, $50
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Here's another one that will stretch your little one's imagination. The Shashibo cube stands for "shape-shifting box" (first three letters of each word), and it's really just that. There are endless shapes that this thing can twist into- and soon you'll hear your child say things like "wow I made a cat", or "Mom I made a bird" and somehow, they're right! What they make really can represent different creatures or items. Pro tip: it's perfect to take on long car rides and hand your child in the back seat! Hours of entertainment.

5. Lovevery Music Set, $120
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Lovevery just launched this music kit, which has been a huge hit! Lovevery always does an incredible job creating developmentally appropriate play kits (beginning at the newborn stage), but this is their first thematic kit. The music kit contains instruments that will grow with your child as their skills grow- the age range begins at 18 months and goes upward. From rhythm to tone to tempo, your child will learn musical skills, and the whole family can participate in making music together.

6. Melissa & Doug Ice Cream Set, $64.99
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Another moment for pretend play! This is another way children can use a tangible toy to stretch their imagination. Encourage your child to set up a “store”, create a menu, make “prices” for their items, experiment with nontraditional “flavors” (we’ve seen pink flamingo ice cream, chocolate chicken nugget ice cream in our house). The ice cream set is purely a vehicle for your child to start imagining. It is also a great playdate toy- one child can be the server and one can be a customer. Think through how you can also model this role play for your child so they know how to do it independently!

7. Lakeshore Mold & Play Sensory Sand Set, $29.99
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Sensory bins are the best. Everyone (including adults!) loves getting their hands into a new substance to explore, experimenting with different textures, pouring, patting, rolling. That’s why things like play doh are so fun. Kinetic sand is one of those things that looks different than it feels which is one reason why it’s so addictive. This one is awesome- the sand does not dry out no matter how long you play with it, and does not get that gross sticky texture like some other kinetic sands can. Think through adding cups, measuring spoons, rolling pins, or other items to the bin and then step back. Allow your child to play independently and watch them get in the flow! Instead of suggesting things, force yourself to zip the lips and watch what your child comes up with. You’ll be so impressed with how long they can actually focus when they’re engaged in a sensory experience.

8. Literati Book Subscription
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The Literati monthly subscription sends your child amazing, developmentally and age appropriate, beautiful books to read with your child. There is always something new, and I’ve never received a book that we also have at home- they are always different and unique. The best part is that you can return the books when you are finished reading them! It’s like a virtual library! OR you can keep the books and they can become part of your permanent collection.

9. Doona Liki Trike, $250
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Getting a gross motor activity for your child is always worthwhile. It helps to get energy out, allows them to experiment with things like balance, proprioception, and even helps to teach STEM concepts like force, speed, gravity. This bike is awesome because it is a perfect stepping stone to a bigger, more independent bike. It gives you control to be able to push your child from behind and gives them the control of peddling. It takes the “scary” out of bike riding- it truly is a perfect first bike.

10. Petit Collage Funny Faces Magnetic Play Set, $15
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This is another one that’s perfect for travel. I love activities that can be reused again and again and can be different every time. This magnetic face activity gives your children the creativity to explore with the safety of being able to “get it right” everytime. Because there is no wrong answer as to how the faces can be arranged, your child will feel confident in being silly, stretching their creative thinking, and getting into that independent creative flow that gives you a moment to sit back and take a breather.

Gifting Experiences

If you're looking for ideas that aren't physical items, we polled our community of parents and asked them about their favorite experiences that someone could gift them. Here's what our moms and dads had to say:

  • Botanical Gardens Membership or Day Pass
  • Children's Museum Membership or Day Pass
  • Aquarium/Zoo Membership or Day Pass
  • Pre-paying for Swim Lessons or Music Lessons
  • Grocery Store Gift Cards

Wrapping Up

When giving gifts, please consider the lifestyle of each person. Will this gift add joy? Is this something they can use for months and years to come? We're in the business of helping people purchase (and receive) the right stuff, not more stuff. And with that, we've wrapped up our 2023 Holiday Gift Guide! Happy holidays.

Our team is committed to curating the best products on the web. If you buy through our links, we might earn a commission. However, our editorial integrity remains intact and unbiased; we only recommend products we love.