This article was updated in January 2024

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Valentine's Day might be for lovers, but it's definitely for anyone you love in your life, too. And sure, it's a cheesy Hallmark holiday, but people appreciate a reason to feel loved and celebrated.

In true Poppylist fashion, we've curated 14 ideas to simplify gifting for your loved ones, big or small.

Valentines's Day Gifts That Go the Distance

Gift Preparedness with The Mover Max by Ready Set Judy

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There isn't a more thoughtful or caring gift for a family than the Mover Max by Ready Set Judy. With preparedness at the forefront, you're expressing your love in a million ways. This gift is perfect for someone who lives in an area prone to natural disasters, parents who are planners, or anyone you love and want to keep safe. What better way for you to extend love than by prioritizing their safety?

Sanitize Your Love Language, Travel Kit by Touchland

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I love you, but clean your hands! Touchland is your lover year-round. Keep hand hygiene top of mind without sacrificing your love language (touch). This kit fits perfectly into any purse, fanny pack, or diaper bag, and it’s guaranteed to keep you and your baby’s hands clean. Let’s live life passionately with lots of hugs, high fives, and handshakes, but not recklessly!

Gift Wealth, Not Waste with EarlyBird

There’s never been an easier way to deposit love than investing in a child’s future with EarlyBird. If you’re looking for a unique gift this Valentine’s Day, then gifting financial freedom is as unique and special as it comes. Literally and figuratively, this is the gift that appreciates.

Send an X & O Bouquet by Farmgirl Flowers

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We always take advantage of an opportunity to support a female-founded company, and Farmgirl Flowers is no exception. Headquartered in San Francisco, Farmgirl Flowers is the only large-scale woman-owned, direct-to-consumer e-commerce flower company, delivering the most beautiful, sustainable bouquets to your loved one— the flower form of X’s and O’s!

Big Love but Far Away, The Bigger Carry-On

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Nothing says Amore like packing your bags for a trip away, preferably without kids, and investing in this Away suitcase means it’s time to pack your bag for a nearby staycation or a flight out for 48 hours.

Reconnect with We’re Not Really Strangers Card Game

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Once your kids are in bed, it’s hard to find the time to reconnect with your partner. Usually, we turn to the TV to shut off our brains, and honestly, we can’t blame you! But if you’re looking to dedicate some time tuning into your partner in a fun, intentional way, we love this We’re Not Really Strangers Card Game. You can choose from different themes, but we love the original or the couple's edition. Fall back in love and reconnect with this card game!

Valentine's Day Gift for a li'l Valentine

Custom Baby Board Book by Artifact Uprising

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We love this custom-designed board book created with littles in mind. Friends and family can pair familiar photos with associated words to bring joy to learning. We especially love this option if family members don't live nearby. It’s a loving way to get all the baby’s favorite people together in one book!

Sweetness Is, Tubby Todd Baby Bath Bundle

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This Tubby Todd and Eric Carle collaboration was love at first sight. Give your li'l Valentine the gift of sweet bonding time with the Tubby Todd x World of Eric Carle Valentine Gift Set! We love anything that will make tub time extra sweet, especially with the two bath bombs included in this kit.

Tiny Hearts for a Tiny Toddler, Valentines Day Stickers

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If you aren’t keen on buying gifts for the littles in your life but still feel compelled to do something, stickers are the perfect option. They’re cheap and entertaining, and these puffy stickers easily peel off without leaving any residue. So, buy yourself a few minutes of freedom with these stickers— your toddler will love them!

Baby Board Book, Tiny T. Rex and the Perfect Valentine

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We love a simple gift for littles, and this board book is perfect for the tiny dinosaur-loving toddler in your life. This would be a great gift to pair with the puffy stickers, and your job is done & done!

Valentine's Day Gifts to Shower the Mom or Mom-To-Be with Love

Latte Love in a Small Bundle, Lactation Latte Bundle by It’s Bodily

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If you're looking to send a new mom a latte love this Valentine's Day, look no further than this Lactation Latte bundle by It's Bodily. Not even Starbucks can recreate the wonderfulness of this latte. It's Bodily spent two years developing these blends that deliver function and flavor without compromising on quality. There's no better gift to tell her she means a latte to you than this!

A Gift of Relief, PMS Elixir by Marea Wellness

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If you’ve experienced your first period (or two or three) after childbirth, you know they can be heavy, uncomfortable, and irregular. You can give the new mom the gift of PMS relief with the Taste Test Sample Pack from Marea Wellness. These elixir packets help women deal with symptoms of mood disruptions, anxiety, bloating, cramping, and breast tenderness. I’m not sure what screams ‘I LOVE YOU’ more than someone supporting a woman’s menstrual cycle!

Spray-On Self Care with Rosie Jane Leila Eau da Parfum

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If you’re looking for a fragrance that you or someone in your life will instantly fall in love with, look no further than by/ rosie jane. This mom-founded company created clean, safe fragrances without the icky stuff. No parabens, phthalates, BHT, PCM’s or hormone interrupters exist in any of these products. All of her fragrances are safe for little noses, too— contact naps with a baby will never be compromised with this Leila Eau da Parfum.

Pregnancy Pampering Collection by Earth Mama Organics

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If there's an expectant mother in your life around Valentine's Day, you can't go wrong with sending her a pampering collection, and no one designs them better than Earth Mama Organics. The kit was mindfully crafted with clean, non-toxic ingredients to celebrate and comfort mama throughout her journey. We love this idea of showering her with lots of love!

Wishing you a special day with your loved ones!