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Based on Google's recent top 100 holiday gift ideas from 2022 google searches, we've curated our top picks for products worthy of taking up space in your home. While Google was Googling its list, it also polled internet users. Not surprisingly, half of the shoppers used words like "stressful" (54%), "exhausting" (52%), and "overwhelming" (48%) to describe their feelings about holiday shopping. It sounds like a sentiment people share building their baby registry, too! But don't forget, we make everything simple for your growing family!

In true Poppylist fashion, we're easing gift-givers' anxieties by simplifying this list into the top 11 gifts for anyone in your family. We hope you can check off everyone on your nice list with one of these gifts.

11 of Our Favorite Gifts For the Family Based on Google's New Holiday 100 List

Best Gifts for Towing Multiples: Timber Ridge Collapsible Wagon
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This is more than a wagon. It's an all-terrain cruiser that makes your family outings easy, plus you can throw everything in it when you need to shlep all the things. This wagon also collapses, making for easy storage in any room in your home or garage.

Best Gift to Cultivate Curiosity: Adena Montessori Box
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We love a gift that piques curiosity while keeping little's entertainment, and this Montessori box is no exception. We're confident your baby will love it for years, including the parents, since it doesn't take up any space.

Best Gift for Outdoor Play: Bike with Training Wheels
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Depending on the age of your little one, we've rounded up the top 2 bikes for any baby, toddler, or young teen. We love the tiny Retrospec baby walker and balance bike for its practicality and ability to be used inside the home without scuffing up floors!

Best Gift to Display Your Favorite Memories: Aura Digital Picture frame
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If you're still looking for a gift for the grandparents, look no further than this digital picture frame. The best part? Before opening, you can pre-load this Aura smart frame with photos, videos, and a gift message in the app. No more swiping right to look at all your pictures!

Best Gift to Learn As You Play: STEM Toys
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We've rounded up the best STEM toys for every age. If you have a young one who enjoys hands-on learning, these are the perfect gifts for them.

Best Gift to Splash Up Bath Time: Dabble & Dollop Natural Bath Bombs
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If you struggle to get your little one into the bath, you can make it fun by including something as simple as a "magic bath bomb." The clean and organic ingredients in these bath bombs are safe on the gentlest skin.

Best Gift for Petit Artists: Art Easel with Paper Roll
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A gift parents love is something that encourages independent play, and we can guarantee you that with this easel. This easel has a paper roll for drawing and a chalk backing for endless art—best for ages three years+.

Best Gift for Family Meals: Ooni Pizza Oven
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If you've been thinking about a pizza oven, this is your sign to gift it to yourself or someone else! It's compact, small, and fires up the best pizzas. Making homemade pizzas can be a new tradition for you and your family! Bon appetit!

Best Gift for an Elevated Bedside Table: Hatch Restore Sound Machine
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A bedside sleep routine just got easier with a sound machine, a smart light, and a sunrise alarm clock to gently wake you up (maybe) before the kids. You'll love having this sleep companion next to you.

Best Gift for Gaming on the Go: Nintendo Switch Light, Handheld Gaming Console
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If someone in your household is a gamer, this is the perfect gift for them. The Nintendo Switch Light is compact, travels well, and elicits nostalgia all in one— making it ideal for gamers on the move.

Best Gift for Aspiring Baristas: Zulay Milk Frother
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Feel like a barista without having to leave your home! If you want to elevate your coffee game, this frother is the perfect pair for your morning routine. You'll love those lattes a whole lot more!

And there you have it. The products that dominated our TikTok feeds and now our holiday gift guides.

Happy gifting, y'all!