Meet Poppy— your parenting bestie that answers your texts.

Have questions? Wherever you are on your journey, our 24/7 AI chatbot can help. If you’re thinking, trying, pregnant, or postpartum, Poppy is the friend to lean on.

What can you ask Poppy?

From questions on pregnancy and parenting, to sleepless nights and feeding advice, she’s got you covered. Some even ask her to send them a positive affirmation. (Hey, we all need encouragement!) Here are some of her favorite questions:


1. How can I estimate my due date and track pregnancy milestones?
2. What are some common pregnancy symptoms, and how can I manage them?
3. What foods should I avoid during pregnancy?
4. I'm eight days late for my period. What should I do?
5. What types of exercises are safe during pregnancy?
6. How can I manage morning sickness?
7. What prenatal vitamins should I take?
8. How can I prepare my body for labor and delivery?
9. What are some techniques for managing pregnancy-related stress?
10. How can I choose the best childbirth education class for me?

Building my registry

1. What essential items should I include on my baby registry?
2. Should I register for clothes? How many of each size should I get?
3. What type of stroller is best for jogging?
4. What car seats have the highest safety rating?
5. What should I consider when choosing a crib and mattress?
6. What type of bottles and feeding supplies will I need?
7. What brands offer organic diapers?
8. What baby skincare products are safe and effective?
9. What are the must-have items for a safe and comfortable nursery?
10. What should I consider if I want to do cloth diapers?

Preparing for birth

1. How can I set up a safe and functional nursery?
2. What should I pack in my hospital bag for labor and delivery?
3. How can I create a birth plan that suits my needs and preferences?
4. What's the difference between a midwife and a doula?
5. How can I involve my partner in the pregnancy and preparation process?
6. What should I know about breastfeeding before the baby arrives?
7. What are some helpful tips for baby-proofing my home?
8. How can I prepare my pets for the arrival of a new baby?
9. What classes or resources are available for new parents?
10. How can I build a support network for when the baby arrives?

Caring for a newborn

1. What are the basics of newborn care?
2. How can I establish a sleep routine for my baby?
3. What are some tips for soothing a fussy baby?
4. How do I bathe my newborn and maintain proper hygiene?
5. How can I encourage bonding with my baby?
6. What are some age-appropriate activities and toys for my newborn?
7. How do I introduce my newborn to siblings and other family members?
8. What should I know about postpartum care and recovery for myself?
9. How can I manage my time and prioritize self-care as a new parent?
10. What are some resources for finding local parent groups and support?

Navigating parenthood

1. How can I establish effective communication with my partner during this transition?
2. What are some tips for returning to work after maternity/paternity leave?
3. How do I balance parenting responsibilities with personal and professional life?
4. How can I help my older children adjust to the arrival of a new sibling?
5. What are some strategies for managing common parenting challenges, like tantrums and picky eating?
6. How do I choose the right childcare options for my family?
7. How can I foster a solid parent-child relationship through different developmental stages?
8. What are some signs that I may be experiencing postpartum depression or anxiety, and where can I find support?
9. How can I teach my child about safety, boundaries, and consent from an early age?
10. How do I navigate milestones and transitions, such as starting school, potty training, and weaning?

What do you want to know?

Poppy has lots to say, and she's only a text away.

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